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9-Jun Renaming a jail
12-Feb Restoring an INOPERABLE 3Ware unit
2011 starts below
9-Aug grep, sed, and awk for fun and profit
5-Feb Bacula - copying a job; doing it better
9-Jan ZFS Benchmark - the initial run; no tuning
2010 starts below
17-Dec Bacula - copying a job
24-Nov Bacula: RunBeforeJob on Storage Daemon
16-Nov Testing the DLT
15-Nov The new tape labels are in!
4-Nov DLT drive replacement
3-Nov Replacing a DLT drive - selecting the right drive
15-Oct NRPE: Unable to read output - The followup
4-Oct NRPE: Unable to read output
22-Sep ZFS: promote
20-Sep ZFS upgrade
3-Sep 3Ware Nagios plugin
30-Aug Where is my SCSI card?
4-Aug ZFS: Resizing your zpool
1-Aug ZFS: do not give it all your HDD
13-Mar Monitoring your HDD using SMART and Nagios
26-Jan cssh - cluster ssh
23-Jan Problems starting a jail with ezjail
19-Jan Integrating the Tape Library with an existing Bacula installation
18-Jan Tape Libraries & Bacula
2009 starts below
21-Dec Upgrading PostgreSQL
30-Nov mailwrapper exited on signal 11
29-Nov logcheck - a log file scanner
24-Nov spamd-setup gives 404
22-Nov c partition goes away in FreeBSD 8
13-Nov Wireless changes under FreeBSD 8.x
26-Oct Using newsyslog to rotate backups
19-Oct Removing Firefox 2
2008 starts below
2-Dec Obscuring smtp auth headers
29-Nov OpenVPN - creating a routed VPN
27-Nov OpenVPN - getting it running
27-Nov Creating your own Certificate Authority
5-Oct Removing dead mailing lists from Mailman
30-Aug gmirror - recovering from a failed HDD
6-Jul ezjail - A jail administration framework
24-Jun Adding gmirror to an existing installation
20-Mar ThinkPad x61s
17-Mar Using two monitors with
2007 starts below
17-Dec PC-BSD
9-Dec IMAP - getting Dovecot running
10-Sep Creating multiple jails
6-Aug IBM ThinkPad T41: Upgrading RAM and HDD - pictures
1-Aug IBM ThinkPad T41: Upgrading RAM and HDD
9-Jul Fighting spam with pf
9-Jul Virus scanning
8-Mar Jails under FreeBSD 6
7-Feb Converting a system to RAID
23-Jan Bacula - Transport Layer Security (TLS)
12-Jan Cacti remote injection exploit
2006 starts below
4-Dec Putting sshd on a higher port
27-Nov Everything got owned
28-Aug 3Ware - Manage your RAID arrays via http
19-Aug Dual Opteron - better SATA cables for the Raptors
18-Aug NetSaint plugin for 3Ware RAID card
14-Aug CLI for 3Ware 9550SX-8LP
Aug-11 NetSaint - creating a plug-in for RAID monitoring
10-Aug Dual Opteron - Raptor Installation
25-Jul RAID-5 drive failure
23-Jul Donations sought for SATA drives
17-Jul TRENDnet Print Server
14-Jul Feedcreator - make your newsfeeds the easy way!
9-Jul More dual opteron images
4-Jul Sponsors wanted
26-Jun IBM ThinkPad T41 - a second battery
22-Jun Dual Opteron Server - the drives
16-Jun apcupsd - Configuring a UPS daemon
15-Jun Dual Opteron server
7-Jun Postfix - setting up two outgoing mail servers
30-May Moving the rack
28-May Freeze during reboot
23-May Burning CDs on an IDE CD-RW
14-Apr Mailman - additional virtual domains
10-Apr Card reader for FreeBSD
8-Mar IBM ThinkPad T41 - going from ipw(4) to ath(4)
1-Mar Mailman - a mailing list manager
27-Feb How I test tapes and tape drives
25-Feb Bacula - Digital DLT MiniLibrary - TL891
10-Feb Is your ISP blocking port 25? Here's a Postfix solution.
5-Feb IPv6 - getting your LAN connected
16-Jan The Technical BSD Conference
2005 starts below
29-Dec What RAID-1 setup should I use for FreeBSD 6.0?
28-Dec FreeBSD 6.0-RC1 - yes, I know this is late
22-Dec Configuring IPsec on your XP Professional laptop
14-Oct Cross compiling on AMD64
11-Sep New York City BSD Conference
8-Sep Moving your wireless gateway
24-Aug Get your BSDCan 2005 T-Shirt here!
23-Aug NYCBSDCon 2005
26-Jul Bacula fund raising for encryption
12-Apr BSDCan 2005 - are you going?
26-Jan Setting up a printer
2004 starts below
9-Dec Implementing Hardware RAID on FreeBSD
6-Dec Secure Your Wireless with IPsec
3-Sep Disk cloning with Acronis True Image
1-Sep Using a jail as a virtual machine
16-Jul 5.* on an IBM ThinkPad T41
23-Jun USENIX'04 ATC
15-Jun IBM ThinkPad T41
4-Jun Stolen laptop - used on MSN?
1-Jun Bacula - Sony SDT 10000
25-May BSDCan - my photos
22-May Laptop stolen
21-May Xplanet - improve your background
1-Apr Building a new box from scratch
1-Feb Bacula: Cross-Platform Client-Server Backups
24-Jan Linux World Expo - Day 3
23-Jan Linux World Expo - Day 2
22-Jan Linux World Expo - Day 1
21-Jan Linux World Expo - The drive to NYC
19-Jan Linux World Expo - my schedule
16-Jan Linux World Expo 2004 - Part 1
5-Jan mknod - create the device, then mount
2003 starts below
5-Dec Someone tried to defraud FreshPorts users
22-Sep Backups and serial console servers
25-Aug Phorum Installation
13-Jul Phorum - installation, upgrade, and conversion from MySQL to PostgreSQL
21-May Postfix - virtual domains (part II)
10-May Google blocking searches from unknown browsers
1-May New FreshPorts release brings interesting challenges
11-Apr Using foo+bar@ email addresses with Postfix and procmail
1-Apr FreeBSD/NetBSD to merge
10-Mar Home networks are everywhere
7-Mar scp tricks
6-Mar Already scanned directory - mkisofs problems
1-Mar PostgreSQL - analyzing a query to improve speed
7-Feb Oh what a week I've had!
28-Jan Open Source Weekend - conference report
21-Jan Amazon, OSW, and my thanks
7-Jan Tell your story, help others
2002 starts below
6-Dec PostgreSQL - removing foreign keys
13-Nov CUPS (Common UNIX Printing System) - installation and configuration (by Gerard Samuel)
6-Nov Postfix - virtual domains
17-Oct Upgrading to stunnel 4
15-Oct Adding a new drive via the serial console using dump/restore
4-Oct Managing an IP address change - part 2
20-Sep Changing your keyboard mapping
20-Sep Serial Consoles can be very useful
13-Sep Samba - updating my old version
3-Sep Managing an IP address change
19-Aug Growing your filesystem with growfs (by Will Andrews)
16-Aug VNC - allowing remote access to graphical desktops
25-Jul I'm looking for a job
22-Jul Installing and configuring Phorum using cvs
26-Apr Creating a VPN using PPTP
8-Apr There is room to improve
1-Apr New stuff coming soon
10-Mar stunnel - encryption and security
23-Feb PostgreSQL 7.2 upgrade and crypto
16-Feb ERROR: version of config(8) does not match kernel!
16-Jan Your Makefile has been rebuilt.
14-Jan And one port to install them all!
12-Jan Checklist for a new box
4-Jan Write protected floppies should be mounted read-only
2001 starts below
31-Dec Pictures of the Ottawa machines
28-Dec pkgdb - packages database tool
26-Dec an ATI XPERT 128 patch for XFree86-4
17-Dec Make the keyboard work on a headless server (read also about t-shirts!)
11-Dec Got ports? Here is THE way to upgrade them!
30-Nov Anonymous FTP server (by Kim Scarborough)
16-Nov stunnel - another way to avoid plain text passwords (by Mike Miller)
14-Nov ssh exploit - how to avoid it
2-Nov My first Linux User Group meeting
21-Sep cvsup bug fix and upgrading to 4.4
16-Sep Americans are not alone
10-Sep NetSaint - a network monitor
23-Aug View all article feedback
7-Aug Quick CableNet Connections with FreeBSD (by Leon Dang)
2-Aug Welcome to the new box
1-Aug News feeds
30-Jul Upcoming changes
12-Jul Client Authentication with SSL
30-Jun The Diary gets ready for colocation
11-Jun San Jose bound...
7-Jun Setting up a FreeBSD IPSec Tunnel (by John J. Rushford Jr)
5-Jun Specifying alternative port download sites
31-May Concatenated Disk Configuration
24-May Dual-homed NFS servers
21-May Installing via wireless NIC
20-May Get your name in the kernel!
19-May New city, new LAN, new Laptop
13-May The trip north
25-Apr It is time for a move....
22-Apr New website goes live
18-Apr latest changes ready for testing
16-Apr Massive website changes
7-Apr Using smtp from remote locations
6-Apr My travels with a computer
2-Apr It's all true!
1-Apr The Linux Diary
30-Mar qpopper with APOP
28-Mar installing bind8 from ports
28-Mar IRC Hints
27-Mar Customizing Console Fonts
25-Mar Introduction to C++ API for mySQL (by Murat Balaban)
19-Mar FrontPage 2000 - installing the extensions
13-Mar new ipfilter option is really cool!
10-Mar Creating an NTP server with a cheap clock (by Harald Schmalzbauer)
2-Mar BSDSearch spam followup
28-Feb Which BSD site is sending out spam?
27-Feb NFS Portmap: RPC: Program not registered - a solution
22-Feb FreeBSD 4.3-RELEASE schedule
19-Feb Job search
16-Feb Accessing a cvs repository
10-Feb NIC blows up
6-Feb Build world on your fast box, install on your slow box
1-Feb Diary update
31-Jan Samba authentication through PAM with MySQL (by Randall S. Ehren)
6-Jan Setting up an encrypted file system (by Niklas Saers)
5-Jan Setting up Spam Bouncer
2000 starts below
31-Dec cdrecord - writing multiple sessions
29-Dec XEON gets a new cable which should improve disk speed
28-Dec What do you think are the top 10 articles?
27-Dec IPsec
26-Dec PostgreSQL and Perl
24-Dec Adding procedural language support to PostgreSQL
23-Dec Setting up FreeBSD as an NIS client (by Eric Anderson)
22-Dec Two more cat pictures
20-Dec More dual XEON pics
17-Dec Creating your own cvsupd server
15-Dec rsync - synchronizing two file trees
14-Dec cdrecord - writing your own CDs
13-Dec The XEON lives!
8-Dec procmail - a simple example
6-Dec nice - making things run slower
5-Dec Helping others
24-Nov nfs and ipf with IPFILTER_DEFAULT_BLOCK
14-Nov mindterm - ssh connections via web browsers
13-Nov webmail - Endymion Mailman
12-Nov Contributions
11-Nov Apache with SSL
9-Nov The XEON assembly story
8-Nov BSDCon 2000 - the trip home
7-Nov The dual XEON box takes shape
5-Nov SMP - using more than one CPU
2-Nov uptime, w, and who show nobody logged in
22-Oct BSDCon 2000 - the wrap up
20-Oct BSDCon 2000 - Friday
19-Oct BSDCon 2000 - Thursday
18-Oct BSDCon 2000 - Wednesday
17-Oct BSDCon 2000 - Tuesday
16-Oct BSDCon 2000 - Monday
15-Oct BSDCon 2000 - the arrival
13-Oct USA certainly doesn't make it easy
7-Oct I'm away at BSDCon 2000
6-Oct Adding more swapfiles
3-Oct Is the Diary or FreshPorts useful to you?
2-Oct PPPoE (by Daniel Bretoi)
1-Oct cvsweb - graphical interface to cvs
30-Sep hardware donations - an update
29-Sep Do you have any pets?
28-Sep A backlog of mail
26-Sep FreeBSD 4.1.1-RELEASE
25-Sep hardware donations please
24-Sep The cats - part 2
23-Sep BSDCon : booked your tickets yet?
19-Sep .htaccess and symbolic links
14-Sep So you like FreeBSD?
5-Sep PostgreSQL - installation and configuration
4-Sep mounting any image
2-Sep mounting an ISO image
1-Sept file system full
26-Aug Want a list of users on your box?
15-Aug How long does it take to upgrade via cvsup?
12-Aug Last Netgear's FA410TX pcmcia ethernet card and FreeBSD 4.x (by Marc Fonvieille)
11-Aug Changing the shell for existing users and new users
10-Aug domain no longer used for testing
9-Aug FreeBSD Diary mailing list is now automated
8-Aug turning sendmail VRFY off
7-Aug newbie learning experience
6-Aug Samba authentication of Windows users (by Rick Oliver)
5-Aug Keeping up with the ports - pkg_version
2-Aug 4.1-STABLE - fetch now going just fine
30-Jul The make-world script
30-Jul Upgrading to 4.1-STABLE - things to watch out for
29-Jul auth/tcp server failing (looping), service terminated
27-Jul majordomo and 'hostile' addresses
23-Jul Quotas - installation and configuration (by James)
20-Jul Sound for 4.*
17-Jul Secondary name servers
16-Jul squid - installation and configuration
15-Jul True Type fonts and XFree86 (by Jim Weeks)
11-Jul Crypto problem fixed
7-Jul VLAN with pipsecd
6-Jul passphrases are your friend
5-Jul FreshPorts goes offline
4-Jul FreeBSD 4.0-stable crypto is fuggered for international users
30-Jun FreshPorts 1.1
28-Jun SSI - a quick guide
27-Jun NFS Portmap: RPC: Program not registered
22-Jun Adding more swap space
21-Jun Changing the owner of your ports tree
20-Jun FreeBSD 3.5-stable is born
10-Jun Purging ipf from FreeBSD
5-Jun The Diary Template
22-May Upgrading Phorum from 3.0.x to 3.1
21-May Tranferring websites/users from one box to another
14-May Have you seen FreshPorts yet?
11-May Letting people know the web server is off line
10-May Unexpected busfree in Message-out
9-May Installing IP Filter 3.4.1
8-May drive to drive backup
7-May majordomo problems and solutions
6-May Apache - with DSOs for PHP, FrontPage, and SSL under FreeBSD 4.0-S
6-May Upgrading from FreeBSD 4.0-Release to FreeBSD 4.0-Stable
6-May Installing cvsup
6-May installing FreeBSD 4.0-Release
6-May New server - installing FreeBSD
4-May ppp [for Linux users] by a Linux user (by Liz)
2-May Tips for Linux users (by Liz)
27-Apr "blank" pages
25-Apr cvs - create your own repository
24-Apr FreeBSD Virtual Memory
23-Apr Epson PhotoPC 650 (by Chris Silva)
22-Apr Are you good at graphics?
22-Apr Samba 2.0.6 - shares are printers
21-Apr Putting the Daemon into NT
20-Apr Directing mail to a program
19-Apr Keeping mysql passwords secure
16-Apr ed0 does not like 0x280
12-Apr Creating a majordomo mailing list for a virtual domain
9-Apr Accessing a mysql database from perl
7-Apr Setting up a printer (by Roy Miller)
6-Apr Two more methods to restrict bind version
5-Apr ssh - authorized keys and chmod
4-Apr More on bind versions
3-Apr What version of bind are you running?
1-Apr My computers have been seized
31-Mar Newsfeeds have been fixed
30-Mar Some Diary news feeds are behind the times
29-Mar How to restore from a tape backup if your hard drive dies
28-Mar man pages - they are searchable
27-Mar How to copy files around without anyone seeing them
26-Mar The Polls - oh no! how slashdottish....
23-Mar Allowing non-member submissions on closed mailing lists
21-Mar Daemon/Windows screen shots
20-Mar USB Mouse support under 4.0 Release
15-Mar BSDCon 2000
9-Mar How to get the most out of the forum
8-Mar FreeBSD Diary news feeds
5-Mar The Hauppauge TV Card (by Chris Silva)
4-Mar Returned mail: Data format error (Sender domain must exist)
4-Mar Stripping ^M from your files
1-Mar Site shutdown
25 Feb distfile sharing via anonymous FTP
24 Feb finger and how to supply something different
23 Feb Installing FreeBSD via PLIP - (the parallel port - good for laptops)
20-Feb FreeBSD @home -- setting up your cable modem
19-Feb NFS - sharing file systems across a network
18-Feb Big Brother is watching you (and your network)
12-Feb New NIC was causing network problems
1-Feb IP Filter 3.3.8 released
29-Jan Apache - rotating log files - ouch, don't compress those logs!
28-Jan How to refuse stuff using cvsup
27-Jan FrontPage doesn't like RewriteRule
27-Jan Creating a chroot ftpd
27-Jan Getting and Setting Up StarOffice 5.1a (by Chris Silva)
27-Jan Setting up an ATI Rage Pro 3D (by Chris Silva)
27-Jan Sound Blaster Vibra16 (by Chris Silva)
27-Jan Blocking apache access by host
26-Jan installing an alternative ftp daemon - proftpd - added a bit on non-anonymous users and a common problem.
26-Jan Apache - rotating log files - a better solution found
25-Jan Putting the Daemon into Windows
24-Jan favicon.ico
22-Jan Welcome to the new website!
22-Jan A brief history about the site
21-Jan OK, OK, enough prompting!  I've written something about the cats!
20-Jan Incoming ssh is being refused
20-Jan When cvsup'ing your ports, remember the base distribution
20-Jan DVL Software website now separate
19-Jan Rewriting URLs within Apache
19-Jan Redirecting URL requests with Apache
18-Jan symbolic links which are difficult to remove
18-Jan Virtual web sites and and older browsers
16-Jan 404 - what to do about missing www documents
14-Jan Not much new here. What's going on?
14-Jan Installing a port without installing the ports
14-Jan Changing your tcsh prompt
12-Jan FreeBSD on a laptop (by Chris Silva)
11-Jan Apache - rotating log files
11-Jan Strange NetScape bug
7-Jan Perl scripts that appear in your browser
7-Jan Front Page Extensions - security considerations
7-Jan My first CGI script ( - an update ==> better, faster, smaller!
3-Jan Protected Apache directories - added more detail
2-Jan Installing and configuring mySQL
2-Jan Apache port - php3/FrontPage/SSL
1-Jan The new websites - what's going on?
1-Jan Happy New Year - Y2K
1-Jan Reader Forum
1-Jan Phorum - how to install and customize it
1-Jan PortSentry - a port watcher
1999 starts below
27-Dec IP Filter 3.3.5 - a patch for ipmon
27-Dec IP Filter - using rule groups for blocking IP blocks
26-Dec unwanted email from tcpd
24-Dec Website changes coming soon
23-Dec Installing Apache with FrontPage/SSL
23-Dec Installing a new virtual web with FP2000 extensions
23-Dec 403 Forbidden - You don't have permission to access / on this server.
19-Dec logcheck - who is checking your logs?
19-Dec identd problems - patch
7-Dec proftpd and FreeBSD
6-Dec Upgrading to 3.3-STABLE
5-Dec how to start things at boot time
5-Dec Installing OpenSSH - less restrictive than ssh
4-Dec Installing IP Filter 3.3.4
3-Dec FrontPage 2000: What you NEED to know!
3-Dec installing a news server
29-Nov installing qmail (by
29-Nov watch - making it work
27-Nov virtual hosting with sendmail
27-Nov Backing up FreeBSD - added my script to Chris' article
24-Nov allowing sendmail to relay mail - a trouble shooting tip
23-Nov Installing IP Filter 3.3.3
23-Nov A good start for a gateway box
20-Nov System tools - toys I have found - the z-tools
20-Nov Upgrade your DNS server - bind8 security issues
19-Nov using make to upgrade your ports
18-Nov Dynamic DNS problems prompt move to cucipop
15-Nov upload files via http
10-Nov installing an alternative ftp daemon - proftpd
10-Nov virtual ftp servers - proftpd
9-Nov redirecting majordomo mailing lists
9-Nov periodic - using it to run shell scripts
7-Nov Quick mounts for floppies
7-Nov Another boot drive swap method
7-Nov DSL/Cable modem references
7-Nov Backing up FreeBSD onto a Windows NT Workstation
7-Nov hypermail - creating an www interface to a mailing list archive
6-Nov I added some tips on adding firewall rules with ipfilter.
6-Nov Creating a digest and archive for a majordomo mailing list
30-Oct allowing sendmail to relay mail
30-Oct Adding a new domain - a simple example
29-Oct Dynamic DNS - detecting and updating - DragonK script update
29-Oct FreeBSDCon'99 - what happened there?
29-Oct Installing an ftp server - getting FreeBSD into an NT/Linux house. *
8-Sep The Diary takes a holiday (continued)
23-Aug Dynamic DNS - detecting and updating - DragonK script update
22-Aug Changing the pre-login text - also known as /etc/issue - more info
19-Aug Service outage - my apologies
19-Aug Dynamic DNS - detecting and updating - yet another script update
15-Aug hint - A scalable benchmark for testing CPU and memory
13-Aug ssh2 - when ssh won't do
13-Aug Swapping boot drives around
13-Aug Dynamic DNS - detecting and updating - a script update
13-Aug Upgrading from 2.2.* to 3.*
10-Aug vinum - A simple install to improve performance
10-Aug rawio - testing device performance
10-Aug Someone else finished Configuring FreeBSD for dial-in service
6-Aug Installing cvsupd
6-Aug Books and Magazines
6-Aug Web Resources
4-Aug Creating patch files
29-Jul The Diary takes a holiday
23-Jul toor - and why you should keep it
22-Jul DNS Resources
22-Jul My first CGI script (
18-Jul Diary is now reversed
18-Jul Dynamic DNS - detecting and updating
18-Jul Things everyone should read
14-Jul Sound with FreeBSD - A How-To Guide
8-Jul Private DNS
7-Jul Secondary name servers - finally finished
5-Jul How to build a gateway
5-Jul out of inodes
28-Jun How to reload your zone files
25-Jun More progress on Configuring FreeBSD for dial-in service *
20-Jun Installing 3.2-release [the hard way]
20-Jun Filesystem is not clean - run fsck
12-Jun samba - using non-standard host names
10-Jun Mounting a SCSI CD-ROM
10-Jun Allowing anonymous FTP
10-Jun FTP from a CD-ROM
6-Jun Ports or Packages?
6-Jun What is installed?
30-May BSD Advocacy in a Linux-centric Environment (by Lou Rinaldi)
30-May analog - "The most popular logfile analyser in the world"
16-May Kernel Configuration Options
16-May Adding ipnat to FreeBSD 3.*
5-May Starting stuff at boot time
3-May Why is Linux Successful? - An Opinion.
1-May Verifying an email address
30-Apr Good utilities provided with tcp wrappers
25-Apr ssh - much more secure than telnet
23-Apr Creating boot floppies for FreeBSD
17-Apr screen - how to remove "remote or dead" sessions
9-Apr PPP filters - stop xntpd from keeping the connection alive
9-Apr Get your stuff published here
7-Apr Links should be OK now
4-Apr Links to FreeBSD Handbook may be broken
3-Apr Configuring FreeBSD for dial-in service *
3-Apr majordomo and virtual mailing lists
2-Apr syslog.conf - putting stuff where you want it
29-Mar Block the Melissa virus
25-Mar Who is this guy?
24-Mar User Friendly - a cartoon strip
24-Mar Installing PPP - alias
23-Mar Upgrading from 3.1-Release to 3.1-Stable
20-Mar Installing FreeBSD to replace Windows 95
20-Mar Saving and using the kernel change information
19-Mar Installing the Lynx port from the Internet
19-Mar fetch: illegal option -- A
19-Mar Could not find /usr/ports/Mk/
19-Mar Command not found
19-Mar compiling a kernel on another machine
18-Mar Making Samba win browser elections
18-Mar telnet fails - tcp_wrapper is out of date
18-Mar Shortcut for compiling from CD-ROM
17-Mar Clearing out your sendmail queue
15-Mar Installing PPP
14-Mar Installing FreeBSD on a Windows 95 machine
10-Mar ADSL - changing the modem
9-Mar nologin - Refuse a login to a user, and make a note of it in syslog
6-Mar /etc/rc.conf changes for 3.1
4-Mar mergemaster - a great tool when upgrading
4-Mar changing your default editor
3-Mar the box is up
1-Mar the box is down
22-Feb screen - how to detach a session from your window
21-Feb upgrading to 3.1-Release
21-Feb Windows time synchronization clients
21-Feb Responses from readers
20-Feb New look finished
20-Feb Linking to other directories with Apache
18-Feb Installing a new virtual web with FP extensions
18-Feb Protected Apache directories
18-Feb Upgrading to sendmail 8.9.3
17-Feb Setting the default reply-to address in a majordomo mailing list
15-Feb New look introduced
14-Feb Creating an FTP Mirror site
14-Feb Setting up a FreeBSD mirror site has been completed.
11-Feb sending a HUP to a program (kill, killall)
11-Feb how to untar/tar
11-Feb Stuff for newbies
10-Feb Apache logging has been added to the virtual hosts topic.
10-Feb allowing sendmail to relay mail
6-Feb Installing a mailing list server - majordomo
6-Feb Forwarding mail in one mailbox to another
6-Feb Join the FreeBSD Diary mailing list
3-Feb Setting up a FreeBSD mirror site
2-Feb I was probed!  The security worked.
31-Jan Installing an IRC Proxy *
31-Jan Getting DCC to work with natd
31-Jan Error correction for template
29-Jan Restarting cvsup
29-Jan Added cvsup as an item on the topic page
24-Jan using sysctl to monitor connections *
21-Jan Why the ads?
19-Jan IP Filter won't load - what I did when IP Filter didn't load
17-Jan Updating the ports collection
16-Jan Using your floppy
14-Jan Staying current with FreeBSD - using CVSup to upgrade FreeBSD
14-Jan Before the disaster
13-Jan make - and how to use it behind a firewall
13-Jan - the template used to create
12-Jan NAT rules - for IP Filter
12-Jan Added a separate topic for IP Filter
11-Jan lame name servers
11-Jan upgrading sendmail
10-Jan sending a HUP to a program (kill)
9-Jan tcp wrapper - monitoring telnet requests, permit deny connections, etc.
8-Jan NTFS Driver for FreeBSD
7-Jan Upgrading FreeBSD - installing a new version
6-Jan Changing your bash prompt
6-Jan changing the pre-login text - also known as /etc/issue
4-Jan fetch - and how to use it behind a firewall
4-Jan - the fastest computer on earth
3-Jan System tools - toys I have found
1-Jan Happy New Year - a small thing to remember
1-Jan httpd/dns - adding new domains to your system
1-Jan Virtual websites - what non-HTTP/1.1 compatible browsers will see
1-Jan ndc - how to see lots of DNS information
1-Jan dnswalk - a useful DNS tool
1998 starts below
31-Dec "There are stopped jobs" - a follow up
31-Dec Secondary name servers - how to be a backup DNS for someone else
31-Dec DNS - restricting zone transfers
18-Nov Time for a break
12-Nov unknown priority name - /etc/syslog.conf and syslogd
9-Nov "There are stopped jobs" - what does this message mean?
4-Nov IP Filter - second time around
3-Nov Samba - more on passwords/logon and shares
3-Nov Sharity-Light - connecting Microsoft to FreeBSD
2-Nov NFS - sharing file systems across a network
1-Nov DNS - the dynamic way - client software
1-Nov swap files - how to get more swap space
29-Oct Firewalls - converting from IP filter to natd/ipfw
29-Oct Gateways - installing natd/ipfw
29-Oct Firewalls - an overview
25-Oct quickly mounting the CD-ROM - an addenda to the CD-ROM saga.
23-Oct IP Filter - an alternative firewall and NAT to ipfw/natd
23-Oct Firewall rules - some more work
22-Oct httpd: could not bind to port 80 - how not to stop a process
22-Oct Apache - starting/stopping
22-Oct Apache - virtual hosts (continued)
22-Oct FrontPage 98 - publishing problems
20-Oct Firewalls / ipfw - protect your subnet
18-Oct Samba - connecting FreeBSD to Microsoft 
18-Oct su - how to become a super user.  avoid using root
16-Oct dhclient.conf - moving a file to the web server.  changing owners (chown)
14-Oct Screen savers - and how to load stuff after changing rc.conf`
4-Oct Building a port - background info on make
4-Oct Daylight saving time - how time is stored, how to change it
27-Sep Apache - making a group for it
26-Sep Apache - virtual hosts
26-Sep Apache - who can publish what?
18-Sep Upgrading Apache to 1.3
18-Sep DNS - the dynamic way - hosting a site from home
17-Sep Where are my Apache FrontPage extensions?
1-Sep reinstalled time server
1-Sep finished Name Server Lint installation
1-Sep Apache web server (again)
31-Aug installing qpopper (a POP server)
29-Aug connecting to the network
29-Aug Adding a second network card (and compiling a kernel)
29-Aug getting natd to run again
29-Aug enabling DNS again
22-Aug DHCP (again)
22-Aug All the ports - how to save time if you have the disk space
14-Aug a new hard drive
11-Aug improving security *
11-Aug notes on qpopper
10-Aug nmap - the port scanner
10-Aug fetchmail - run your own mailserver *
10-Aug python - needed for fetchmail *
6-Aug upgrading from 2.2.5 to 2.2.7
2-Aug installing DES - encryption
2-Aug installing www server (apache)
2-Aug Time synchronization - xntpd
29-Jul resolv.conf is being modified, and not by me  (a DHCP problem)
29-Jul mounting fd0 without a floppy gives a GPF
28-Jul notes on rebooting and IP numbers
27-Jul installing nslint - debug your DNS
26-Jul sample zone files
26-Jul Getting local names to resolve (DNS)   (named - the name server)
26-Jul Changing the shell (bash)
15-Jul Reading my mail from NT1 (qpopper)
12-Jul Redirecting port requests
11-Jul Firewalls, filtering, ipfw, and FTP clients
10-Jul The DNS problem which was an natd problem
9-Jul CD-ROM saga (a funny story)
late June natd Network Address Translation (IP masquerading, IP aliasing)
mid June The installation
early May 1998 How I found FreeBSD
early 1998 Why I wanted FreeBSD before I knew it existed