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View all article feedback 23 August 2001

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9-Aug grep, sed, and awk for fun and profit1[ View ]
5-Feb Bacula - copying a job; doing it better9[ View ]
9-Jan ZFS Benchmark - the initial run; no tuning1[ View ]
2010 starts below
22-Sep ZFS: promote1[ View ]
20-Sep ZFS upgrade2[ View ]
3-Sep 3Ware Nagios plugin1[ View ]
4-Aug ZFS: Resizing your zpool2[ View ]
1-Aug ZFS: do not give it all your HDD6[ View ]
13-Mar Monitoring your HDD using SMART and Nagios1[ View ]
26-Jan cssh - cluster ssh1[ View ]
2009 starts below
30-Nov mailwrapper exited on signal 111[ View ]
29-Nov logcheck - a log file scanner2[ View ]
26-Oct Using newsyslog to rotate backups3[ View ]
2008 starts below
29-Nov OpenVPN - creating a routed VPN1[ View ]
27-Nov OpenVPN - getting it running1[ View ]
27-Nov Creating your own Certificate Authority1[ View ]
6-Jul ezjail - A jail administration framework6[ View ]
24-Jun Adding gmirror to an existing installation3[ View ]
20-Mar ThinkPad x61s2[ View ]
17-Mar Using two monitors with X.org2[ View ]
2007 starts below
17-Dec PC-BSD3[ View ]
9-Dec IMAP - getting Dovecot running1[ View ]
10-Sep Creating multiple jails3[ View ]
6-Aug IBM ThinkPad T41: Upgrading RAM and HDD - pictures2[ View ]
9-Jul Fighting spam with pf3[ View ]
8-Mar Jails under FreeBSD 62[ View ]
12-Jan Cacti remote injection exploit2[ View ]
2006 starts below
4-Dec Putting sshd on a higher port12[ View ]
Aug-11 NetSaint - creating a plug-in for RAID monitoring2[ View ]
25-Jul RAID-5 drive failure1[ View ]
4-Jul Sponsors wanted2[ View ]
22-Jun Dual Opteron Server - the drives2[ View ]
16-Jun apcupsd - Configuring a UPS daemon2[ View ]
15-Jun Dual Opteron server1[ View ]
30-May Moving the rack7[ View ]
28-May Freeze during reboot5[ View ]
14-Apr Mailman - additional virtual domains1[ View ]
10-Apr Card reader for FreeBSD2[ View ]
1-Mar Mailman - a mailing list manager1[ View ]
10-Feb Is your ISP blocking port 25? Here's a Postfix solution.7[ View ]
5-Feb IPv6 - getting your LAN connected2[ View ]
2005 starts below
29-Dec What RAID-1 setup should I use for FreeBSD 6.0?2[ View ]
14-Oct Cross compiling on AMD641[ View ]
26-Jan Setting up a printer7[ View ]
2004 starts below
6-Dec Secure Your Wireless with IPsec4[ View ]
3-Sep Disk cloning with Acronis True Image 16[ View ]
1-Sep Using a jail as a virtual machine10[ View ]
23-Jun USENIX'04 ATC6[ View ]
15-Jun IBM ThinkPad T4111[ View ]
4-Jun Stolen laptop - used on MSN?24[ View ]
1-Jun Bacula - Sony SDT 100001[ View ]
25-May BSDCan - my photos4[ View ]
22-May Laptop stolen12[ View ]
21-May Xplanet - improve your background 1[ View ]
1-Apr Building a new box from scratch8[ View ]
1-Feb Bacula: Cross-Platform Client-Server Backups2[ View ]
21-Jan Linux World Expo - The drive to NYC2[ View ]
16-Jan Linux World Expo 2004 - Part 12[ View ]
2003 starts below
5-Dec Someone tried to defraud FreshPorts users7[ View ]
22-Sep Backups and serial console servers10[ View ]
13-Jul Phorum - installation, upgrade, and conversion from MySQL to PostgreSQL6[ View ]
21-May Postfix - virtual domains (part II)6[ View ]
10-May Google blocking searches from unknown browsers13[ View ]
11-Apr Using foo+bar@ email addresses with Postfix and procmail2[ View ]
1-Apr FreeBSD/NetBSD to merge10[ View ]
10-Mar Home networks are everywhere18[ View ]
7-Mar scp tricks23[ View ]
1-Mar PostgreSQL - analyzing a query to improve speed2[ View ]
28-Jan Open Source Weekend - conference report5[ View ]
7-Jan Tell your story, help others6[ View ]
2002 starts below
13-Nov CUPS (Common UNIX Printing System) - installation and configuration (by Gerard Samuel)15[ View ]
6-Nov Postfix - virtual domains2[ View ]
17-Oct Upgrading to stunnel 46[ View ]
15-Oct Adding a new drive via the serial console using dump/restore3[ View ]
4-Oct Managing an IP address change - part 28[ View ]
20-Sep Changing your keyboard mapping1[ View ]
20-Sep Serial Consoles can be very useful15[ View ]
13-Sep Samba - updating my old version2[ View ]
3-Sep Managing an IP address change4[ View ]
19-Aug Growing your filesystem with growfs (by Will Andrews)5[ View ]
16-Aug VNC - allowing remote access to graphical desktops14[ View ]
25-Jul I'm looking for a job2[ View ]
26-Apr Creating a VPN using PPTP53[ View ]
8-Apr There is room to improve11[ View ]
1-Apr New stuff coming soon7[ View ]
10-Mar stunnel - encryption and security8[ View ]
23-Feb PostgreSQL 7.2 upgrade and crypto10[ View ]
16-Feb ERROR: version of config(8) does not match kernel!8[ View ]
16-Jan Your Makefile has been rebuilt.20[ View ]
14-Jan And one port to install them all!11[ View ]
12-Jan Checklist for a new box6[ View ]
4-Jan Write protected floppies should be mounted read-only12[ View ]
2001 starts below
31-Dec Pictures of the Ottawa machines6[ View ]
28-Dec pkgdb - packages database tool3[ View ]
26-Dec an ATI XPERT 128 patch for XFree86-412[ View ]
17-Dec Make the keyboard work on a headless server (read also about t-shirts!)13[ View ]
11-Dec Got ports? Here is THE way to upgrade them!38[ View ]
30-Nov Anonymous FTP server (by Kim Scarborough)12[ View ]
16-Nov stunnel - another way to avoid plain text passwords (by Mike Miller)14[ View ]
14-Nov ssh exploit - how to avoid it2[ View ]
2-Nov My first Linux User Group meeting21[ View ]
21-Sep cvsup bug fix and upgrading to 4.49[ View ]
16-Sep Americans are not alone25[ View ]
10-Sep NetSaint - a network monitor19[ View ]
23-Aug View all article feedback10[ View ]
7-Aug Quick CableNet Connections with FreeBSD (by Leon Dang)24[ View ]
2-Aug Welcome to the new box13[ View ]
1-Aug News feeds2[ View ]
12-Jul Client Authentication with SSL24[ View ]
7-Jun Setting up a FreeBSD IPSec Tunnel (by John J. Rushford Jr)16[ View ]
31-May Concatenated Disk Configuration3[ View ]
24-May Dual-homed NFS servers1[ View ]
21-May Installing via wireless NIC19[ View ]
20-May Get your name in the kernel!2[ View ]
16-Apr Massive website changes1[ View ]
7-Apr Using smtp from remote locations1[ View ]
28-Mar installing bind8 from ports5[ View ]
27-Mar Customizing Console Fonts1[ View ]
25-Mar Introduction to C++ API for mySQL (by Murat Balaban)4[ View ]
13-Mar new ipfilter option is really cool!2[ View ]
10-Mar Creating an NTP server with a cheap clock (by Harald Schmalzbauer)1[ View ]
16-Feb Accessing a cvs repository1[ View ]
6-Feb Build world on your fast box, install on your slow box15[ View ]
31-Jan Samba authentication through PAM with MySQL (by Randall S. Ehren)4[ View ]
6-Jan Setting up an encrypted file system (by Niklas Saers)6[ View ]
5-Jan Setting up Spam Bouncer1[ View ]
2000 starts below
31-Dec cdrecord - writing multiple sessions1[ View ]
27-Dec IPsec17[ View ]
26-Dec PostgreSQL and Perl2[ View ]
17-Dec Creating your own cvsupd server1[ View ]
15-Dec rsync - synchronizing two file trees22[ View ]
14-Dec cdrecord - writing your own CDs5[ View ]
11-Nov Apache with SSL1[ View ]
7-Nov The dual XEON box takes shape8[ View ]
5-Nov SMP - using more than one CPU1[ View ]
2-Nov uptime, w, and who show nobody logged in5[ View ]
2-Oct PPPoE (by Daniel Bretoi)3[ View ]
1-Oct cvsweb - graphical interface to cvs2[ View ]
5-Sep PostgreSQL - installation and configuration18[ View ]
2-Sep mounting an ISO image5[ View ]
1-Sept file system full8[ View ]
26-Aug Want a list of users on your box?7[ View ]
11-Aug Changing the shell for existing users and new users4[ View ]
6-Aug Samba authentication of Windows users (by Rick Oliver)3[ View ]
5-Aug Keeping up with the ports - pkg_version2[ View ]
30-Jul The make-world script11[ View ]
29-Jul auth/tcp server failing (looping), service terminated2[ View ]
23-Jul Quotas - installation and configuration (by James)11[ View ]
15-Jul True Type fonts and XFree86 (by Jim Weeks)4[ View ]
7-Jul VLAN with pipsecd6[ View ]
27-Jun NFS Portmap: RPC: Program not registered4[ View ]
8-May drive to drive backup4[ View ]
6-May Apache - with DSOs for PHP, FrontPage, and SSL under FreeBSD 4.0-S1[ View ]
23-Apr Epson PhotoPC 650 (by Chris Silva)1[ View ]
20-Apr Directing mail to a program1[ View ]
9-Apr Accessing a mysql database from perl1[ View ]
7-Apr Setting up a printer (by Roy Miller)2[ View ]
3-Apr What version of bind are you running?3[ View ]
1-Apr My computers have been seized1[ View ]
29-Mar How to restore from a tape backup if your hard drive dies1[ View ]
27-Mar How to copy files around without anyone seeing them6[ View ]
4-Mar Returned mail: Data format error (Sender domain must exist)2[ View ]
4-Mar Stripping ^M from your files8[ View ]
23 Feb Installing FreeBSD via PLIP - (the parallel port - good for laptops)3[ View ]
20-Feb FreeBSD @home -- setting up your cable modem2[ View ]
18-Feb Big Brother is watching you (and your network)1[ View ]
27-Jan FrontPage doesn't like RewriteRule1[ View ]
27-Jan Sound Blaster Vibra16 (by Chris Silva)1[ View ]
24-Jan favicon.ico2[ View ]
20-Jan Incoming ssh is being refused1[ View ]
19-Jan Rewriting URLs within Apache9[ View ]
18-Jan symbolic links which are difficult to remove3[ View ]
16-Jan 404 - what to do about missing www documents2[ View ]
14-Jan Installing a port without installing the ports1[ View ]
14-Jan Changing your tcsh prompt1[ View ]
11-Jan Apache - rotating log files9[ View ]
7-Jan Front Page Extensions - security considerations2[ View ]
2-Jan Installing and configuring mySQL6[ View ]
1-Jan Phorum - how to install and customize it4[ View ]
1-Jan PortSentry - a port watcher2[ View ]
1999 starts below
23-Dec Installing a new virtual web with FP2000 extensions2[ View ]
23-Dec 403 Forbidden - You don't have permission to access / on this server.5[ View ]
5-Dec how to start things at boot time1[ View ]
5-Dec Installing OpenSSH - less restrictive than ssh2[ View ]
3-Dec installing a news server1[ View ]
29-Nov installing qmail (by[ View ]
29-Nov watch - making it work1[ View ]
27-Nov virtual hosting with sendmail2[ View ]
19-Nov using make to upgrade your ports2[ View ]
15-Nov upload files via http7[ View ]
10-Nov installing an alternative ftp daemon - proftpd1[ View ]
9-Nov periodic - using it to run shell scripts2[ View ]
29-Oct Installing an ftp server - getting FreeBSD into an NT/Linux house. *1[ View ]
15-Aug hint - A scalable benchmark for testing CPU and memory1[ View ]
13-Aug Swapping boot drives around5[ View ]
10-Aug vinum - A simple install to improve performance12[ View ]
6-Aug Web Resources1[ View ]
29-Jul The Diary takes a holiday2[ View ]
22-Jul My first CGI script ([ View ]
18-Jul Things everyone should read3[ View ]
14-Jul Sound with FreeBSD - A How-To Guide3[ View ]
8-Jul Private DNS2[ View ]
5-Jul out of inodes2[ View ]
30-May analog - "The most popular logfile analyser in the world"2[ View ]
25-Apr ssh - much more secure than telnet1[ View ]
3-Apr Configuring FreeBSD for dial-in service *2[ View ]
25-Mar Who is this guy?5[ View ]
20-Mar Installing FreeBSD to replace Windows 951[ View ]
19-Mar Command not found2[ View ]
18-Mar telnet fails - tcp_wrapper is out of date1[ View ]
17-Mar Clearing out your sendmail queue1[ View ]
14-Mar Installing FreeBSD on a Windows 95 machine1[ View ]
10-Mar ADSL - changing the modem2[ View ]
9-Mar nologin - Refuse a login to a user, and make a note of it in syslog2[ View ]
4-Mar changing your default editor1[ View ]
10-Feb allowing sendmail to relay mail2[ View ]
31-Jan Installing an IRC Proxy *4[ View ]
21-Jan Why the ads?4[ View ]
17-Jan Updating the ports collection13[ View ]
16-Jan Using your floppy4[ View ]
14-Jan Staying current with FreeBSD - using CVSup to upgrade FreeBSD1[ View ]
14-Jan Before the disaster1[ View ]
12-Jan NAT rules - for IP Filter8[ View ]
11-Jan upgrading sendmail1[ View ]
9-Jan tcp wrapper - monitoring telnet requests, permit deny connections, etc.4[ View ]
6-Jan Changing your bash prompt2[ View ]
6-Jan changing the pre-login text - also known as /etc/issue2[ View ]
4-Jan fetch - and how to use it behind a firewall2[ View ]
1998 starts below
31-Dec Secondary name servers - how to be a backup DNS for someone else1[ View ]
12-Nov unknown priority name - /etc/syslog.conf and syslogd1[ View ]
3-Nov Sharity-Light - connecting Microsoft to FreeBSD4[ View ]
2-Nov NFS - sharing file systems across a network9[ View ]
29-Oct Gateways - installing natd/ipfw13[ View ]
23-Oct IP Filter - an alternative firewall and NAT to ipfw/natd1[ View ]
22-Oct Apache - starting/stopping1[ View ]
20-Oct Firewalls / ipfw - protect your subnet4[ View ]
18-Oct Samba - connecting FreeBSD to Microsoft 5[ View ]
18-Oct su - how to become a super user.  avoid using root2[ View ]
14-Oct Screen savers - and how to load stuff after changing rc.conf`2[ View ]
26-Sep Apache - virtual hosts2[ View ]
18-Sep DNS - the dynamic way - hosting a site from home1[ View ]
17-Sep Where are my Apache FrontPage extensions?2[ View ]
31-Aug installing qpopper (a POP server)1[ View ]
29-Aug connecting to the network2[ View ]
22-Aug DHCP (again)2[ View ]
2-Aug Time synchronization - xntpd2[ View ]
29-Jul resolv.conf is being modified, and not by me  (a DHCP problem)5[ View ]
26-Jul Getting local names to resolve (DNS)   (named - the name server)1[ View ]
12-Jul Redirecting port requests2[ View ]
10-Jul The DNS problem which was an natd problem1[ View ]
9-Jul CD-ROM saga (a funny story)5[ View ]