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Upgrading from FreeBSD 4.0-Release to FreeBSD 4.0-Stable 6 May 2000
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This is the third in a series of articles about installing a new server.   This article discusses how I did a make world.
  1. Installing FreeBSD
  2. Getting cvsup
  3. make world
  4. installing Apache

This article shows how I upgraded my box shortly after installing from CD.   I don't go into much detail about the actual install, but what I do provide may help in your upgrade.  Of special note is a make file I obtained from Jim Mock.  I've found it very useful for my make worlds

Please note: if you are upgrading from 3.x to 4.0, you should read /usr/src/UPDATING and follow those instructions.

Why did I upgrade to stable?
The first thing I tried to do after Installing FreeBSD 4.0-Release was to install the Apache Mega port.   I failed.  Here's what I failed with:
# make all install
===>  Extracting for apache-1.3.12
>> Checksum OK for apache_1.3.12.tar.gz.
>> Checksum OK for powerlogo.gif.
===>  Patching for apache-1.3.12
This port requires the OpenSSL library, which is part of
the FreeBSD crypto distribution but not installed on your
machine. Please see Chapter 6.5 in the handbook for
instructions on how to obtain and install the FreeBSD
OpenSSL distribution.
*** Error code 1

I tried to install OpenSSL, but I couldn't because it was part of the base install.   I was confused as to what to do.

But I knew that doing a cvsup would pull in all the code I needed.   And I wanted to upgrade to -stable anyway.  So I upgraded.   I decided to upgrade from 4.0-R to 4.0-STABLE.  I was going to use cvsup.  But wait?  How do I cvsup without ports?  Easy.  Use the package.  I documented that in getting cvsup installed.

The make world
"make world" refers to the process of rebuilding everything in your system, literally.  Sometimes this confuses people as to what to do and when.   I know I've missed out steps and had to redo a build world.  But Jim's handy script comes to the rescue.

For more detail on make world, please refer to the Using make world section of the FreeBSD Handbook.  If you don't read that first, and bugger up your system, you have only yourself to blame.   Actually, even if you do read it, you still have only yourself to blame. *smile*

The script
Here is the script I use to upgrade my boxes.  Please note the following:
  • rename the file to Makefile
  • if you get strange errors when you use this file, make sure there are tabs not spaces after each label.  e.g. the line after "build:" must contain a tab, not spaces.

I put this script in /root/make, which means I can get to it, as root, by doing:

cd ~/make

Rename the script to Makefile and follow the instructions.

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