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Donations sought for SATA drives 23 July 2006
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Thank to the generousity of many individuals, the goal has been reached. There are a few cheques yet to be recived, but the goal has been surpassed by about US$35.

Thank you.

What are the donations for?

I'm asking for donations to pay for eight SATA drives. These drives will be used in the 2U server donated by iXsystems. I've written about this server previously:

After deployment at an ISP, The FreeBSD Diary, FreshPorts, FreshSource, BSDCan will be moved to this server.

What is the goal?

The goal is US$1400.

What exactly is being bought?

The drive in question is the WD RE2. They are available from NewEgg for US$169.99 each. With shipping, that brings the total to about US$1405.

I'm not 100% sure who I will be buying from, but I am pretty sure it's these drives I'll be getting. The funds raised will be used for hard drives. If surplus funds are donated, I may look at buying different drives.

How can you donate?

No more donations for now, thank you.


Unless otherwise requested, all donations will be acknowledge here by name and amount. If you wish to remain anonymous, please state this and I will list your donation amount but will not include your name.

2006-07-23George Neville-NeilUS$200
2006-07-23eChristian Web Hosting LLCUS$50
2006-07-23Scott MullerUS$25
2006-07-23David StanfordUS$20
2006-07-23Jeffrey PalmerUS$10
2006-07-23Ward WillatsUS$50
2006-07-23Stefan PaulyUS$50
2006-07-24Christian LaursenUS$50
2006-07-24Alvie GrantUS$10
2006-07-24Lars EngelsEU 10 (or US$11.41)
2006-07-24TaoSecurity LLCUS$25
2006-07-24Rink SpringerEU 15 (or US$17.32)
2006-07-24Kenneth Menzel US$25
2006-07-24Benjamin LutzUS$20
2006-07-24Ralf FolkertEU 10 (or US$11.49)
2006-07-24David HoskinUS$25
2006-07-24Howard WalterUS$50
2006-07-24Randall EhrenUS$25
2006-07-24Jason SwankUS$35
2006-07-24Benno RiceUS$20
2006-07-25Eric AnholtUS$100
2006-07-25Derek HofmannUS$10
2006-07-25Omer Faruk Sen and EnderUNIX.ORG US$25
2006-07-25Peter SmithUS$20
2006-07-25New World Data SystemsUS$200
2006-07-25Roderick PersonUS$200
2006-07-26Oliver HauerUS$60.00
2006-07-26bleep. LLCUS$20.00
2006-07-26Christoph SoldUS$29.17 (was EU$25.00)
2006-07-26Jeremy CampbellUS$20.00
2006-08-18Eric BatesUS$50.00
Total of aboveUS$1544.39
less fees (Paypal/NorthStar Solutions)$45.34
Amount available$1499.05

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