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mindterm - ssh connections via web browsers 14 November 2000
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Yesterday, I was writing about a webmail application.  The main reason I was installing that was to access my mail via a web broswer.  I spend time at sites without ssh access.

Today I was told about an ssh connection which can be acheived via a web broswer: mindterm.  For a list of features, see  In short, mindterm is a java applet which acts as a terminal.  It is also ssh capable.

Remember, I have the entire ports tree installed.  So it was easy.
# cd /usr/ports/security/mindterm-binary
# make install

This installs files to /usr/local/share/java/mindterm/.  I just copied these files to somewhere on my fileserver:

cp /usr/local/share/java/mindterm/mindterm* /path/to/my/web/files/

To run the applet, browse to the file mindterm-ssh.html and the ssh connection will begin.

None that I know of.  But have a look at this screen (about 36KB) which shows what to expect when you login.

I'm having someone look into the random number generation which mindterm uses.  As with anything, you should be cautious when it comes to security. I want to know more.  Watch this space.

I've heard reports of mindterm not working with IE5.01.  I used Netscape 4.74 with success.  I've been told Netscape 4.08 works. 

You may wish to look into signing that java code.  See for details.

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