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webmail - Endymion Mailman 13 November 2000
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I was looking for a webmail application.  I wanted to use webmail from locations where I can't ssh back to my box at home.  I headed over to The CGI Resource Index and had a look at their collection of perl scripts.   Under Web-Based E-Mail I found Endymion Mailman.   I followed the links, registered myself, and obtained the location of the tarball.   I downloaded the tarball to my /www/ directory (you might want to put it wherever you store your websites).

NOTE: this article assumes you have Apache installed and have a website already configured.

I unpacked the tarball using:

# tar -zxvf mmstdod.tgz

Then I started to read mmfaq.htm (mmfaq.txt has the same information).  I suggest you do the same. I found that the default file permissions were fine.  But check yours according to the settings outlined in the FAQ, just in case.

I modified my apache configuration to allow cgi scripts to be executed from the non-default location.  So I uncommented this line from /usr/local/etc/apache/apache.conf:

AddHandler cgi-script .cgi

I also had to add the following to my Apache configuration file.

<Directory "/path/to/directory/ab"> 
    Options ExecCGI 

where /path/to/directory/ab is the directory into which I installed the tarball.

If the script displays itself to you instead of executing, then you probably didn't include the AddHandler directive from the previous section.

If the script produces the following error message:


You don't have permission to access /ab/mmstdod.cgi on this server.

then you might want to add the ExecCGI option as shown in the previous section.

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