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The cats 21 January 2000
OK, OK, I'll write something about the cats!  This page contains some pictures of my cats and were taken about April 1999.  This was their first day at their new home.

These cats are Abyssinian.  They are known for being sleek, slim, cougar-like, and very intelligent and loving.  They are very affectionate and like being with people.  Any people.

Set is the male and is the smaller one in these pictures.  He's a ruddy.  The larger cat is the female, Bast, and she's a chocolate.  At the time of these photos, she was about three months old and he was two months old.

cat-on-a-box Set is on the left, Bast is on the right.
cat-reads Set, on my desk, watching the screen.  He used to do that quite a bit, chasing the mouse cursor around.
cat-tower This is the cat tower I built for about US$5.  It's covered in carpet and they have to climb it several times a day.  Their food is on the third level.
close-up Bast
eye-that-tail Set ready to pounce
female At the time these photos were taken, I hadn't yet named them.  But this is Bast just after crawling out of the box (on the second level of the cat tower).
fleece I *think* this is Bast.
knee-sit This is Set, sitting on my knee in front of the computer desk.  He's *so* cute here.
looking-up Set and Bast
monitor During the winter months, Bast spends a lot of time on top of my monitor.
red-eye You think red eye is bad in people, here's a death cat.
sitting-cute Set, sitting on the desk.


Set takes a swipe at me while Bast looks on.
two-tier Bast and Set looking down from the third level of the tower.
I need to take some new photos to show how how much they've grown.

And I don't want to forget Gus.  He's about thirteen or fifteen according to the vet.  I inherited him and Wocker when I bought the house.  They originally belonged to Jenny and Alan, who once lived in the house next door.  They moved to Auckland and the cats didn't like the weather so they were moved back down to live with Karen and Alistar, who owned my house at that time.  When I bought the house, I recognized the cats, as I used to work with Jenny, and took over as their feeder.

Sadly, Wocker disappeared about September 1998 and Gus started to get very lonely.   He's been much better since Set and Bast arrived.  Tonight, it's quite cold here, and all three cats are on my bed.  Gus and Set usually snuggle up together and Bast lays nearby.


More cat pics! 24 September 2000
I've put some more cat pics on this page.
Bast's new home 26 July 2001
Careful readers will have seen that Bast has gone to a new home. This is mainly because of a new job. And sadly, Gus died just before I took the new job.