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The cats - Gus
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And I don't want to forget Gus.  He's about thirteen or fifteen according to the vet.  I inherited him and Wocker when I bought the house.  They originally belonged to Jenny and Alan, who once lived in the house next door.  They moved to Auckland and the cats didn't like the weather so they were moved back down to live with Karen and Alistar, who owned my house at that time.  When I bought the house, I recognized the cats, as I used to work with Jenny, and took over as their feeder.

Sadly, Wocker disappeared about September 1998 and Gus started to get very lonely.   He's been much better since Set and Bast arrived.  Tonight, it's quite cold here, and all three cats are on my bed.  Gus and Set usually snuggle up together and Bast lays nearby.

On Monday May 7, 2001, at about 11:30 PM, Gus was put down. He was suffering from massive renal failure. I buried him the next morning in the garden outside my bedroom window in front of a rose bush. It's just beside the concrete path where he used to lay in the sun. He'll be missed.

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