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What's this website about?
Practical examples are what is needed.  Manual pages aren't worth anything if you don't know what you're doing.  Man pages are useful once you know what you want to do.  But until that point, you need detailed instructions as to what to do and how.   That's where The FreeBSD Diary comes in.

This site is about my experiences with FreeBSD.  How I installed it, where I got the idea behind it, and how hard/easy it was to install.  Hopefully, you'll find it to be amusing, interesting, or at the least, pathetic.  My aim is to document what I've done and at the same time allow others to follow the progress and possibly learn from my endeavours.

I use FreeBSD to run a gateway/firewall machine for my subnet.  It's proven to be very reliable and robust (despite my best efforts at making it fall over).

The concept of the webpage came from another technical diary.  It was Tony's diary about his plane which gave me the idea for creating The FreeBSD Diary.  You can read about Tony's plane building project at his website

Other geek stuff
FreeBSD is an advanced UNIX operating system for personal computers.  And it's free.  You can download it and install it and pay nothing for it.  If you want it on CD-ROMs, it will cost.  Not much though.  Quite reasonable in fact.  For more information on what FreeBSD is and where you can get it, try the FreeBSD website.
Who writes this stuff?

Dan Langille started using FreeBSD in early 1998. He kept a written notebook for a while, then started typing his notes into his computer. That made it easier when it came to posting messages to the FreeBSD mailing lists. A quick copy and paste from his notes was much easier then deciphering his own terrible hand writing. Eventually, he added the notes to his website and called them The FreeBSD Notes and directed people there from the mailing when he noticed items he had answers for. After a short period of success, he registered and went from there.

There's also a short riveting bio.

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