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Getting and Setting Up StarOffice 5.1a --- by Chris Silva 27 January 2000
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Chris Silva wrote in with the following article on installing and configuring StarOffice under FreeBSD 3.4

And Darren Wiebe points out that there is a port for StarOffice at /usr/ports/editors/staroffice (Darren is the port maintainer).

If you installed your FreeBSD like I did (I'm lazy) and you just took the install defaults for partition sizes, you are going to most likely run into install issues like I did... Here is how I installed StarOffice...

I first got out of X, then as root (or a su'ped user), move the /tmp folder elsewhere so StarOffice has plenty of room to work.

mv /tmp /usr

Then create a link...

ln -s /usr/tmp /tmp

After that - you need to fetch the bin from Do this via a browser because you need to register the app etc...

Once you have the 70 meg+ binary, move it to a dir called staroffice5 within /usr/ports/distfiles

At this point, you might want to get back into X. Now that your in your favorite X manager, open an xterm (or rxvt, or Eterm, etc.) and su' yourself.

Then, cd /usr/ports/editors/staroffice5 and do the old make install clean.  Once this 1st install is done, exit your su'ed self, then changer dirs:

cd /usr/local/Office51/bin

From there, do a ./setup - This sets up StarOffice for that user by creating the correct dirs within ~/

The last thing to do is put in your path, ~/Office51/bin - this is where the binary soffice resides, this is what starts the app.

PATH $HOME/Office51/bin

The final step now that StarOffice is installed, is to set the preferences - that, is up to you.

That's it...


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