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Things look quiet here. But I've been doing a lot of blogging at because I prefer WordPress now. Not all my posts there are FreeBSD related. I am in the midst of migrating The FreeBSD Diary over to WordPress (and you can read about that here). Once the migration is completed, I'll move the FreeBSD posts into the new FreeBSD Diary website.

The blown chip 10 February 2001

This is a close up of the blown chip and some of the burn marks on the card. I've been told that this "chip" is a transformer "hybrid" between the outside and the nic controller. And I don't recall any electrical storms. Another person said they thought it was "the miniture 9v switching regulator which is needed for the thin ethernet connection. I think the hybrids are the other two smaller GTS parts. One for UTP, one for 10base2. Can't find it but I used to have a couple multi-interface ISA NICs which had generic P/N's on the chips." The NIC in question was to my external LAN. In fact it was connected to my Nokia router.

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