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Apache - who can publish what? 26 September 1998
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27 Sept - Publishing (it works, but not quite the way I wanted)
This section deals with specifying who can publish to an Apache web server which has the Front Page extensions.

I've tried publishing, using FrontPage 98, to my web server which is running on my FreeBSD.  But I can't because I don't have a valid logon.   I looked in my Apache logs (/var/log/httpd-error.log) and found the following message:

access to /_vti_bin/_vti_aut/author.exe failed for, reason: user dan not found

So my first step was to check the FreeBSD mailing list archives for any mention of this message.  The first match mentions /_vti_bin/_vti_aut/.htaccess.   So I try hunting around eventually find  /usr/local/www/data/_vti_bin/_vti_aut/.htaccess.   In that file are references to  /usr/local/www/data/_vti_pvt and the various service files which it contains.

The first file I check is service.pwd.  I find the a user name which I remember specifying from my installation process.  So I try publishing again.

The error log now contains password mismatch.  We're getting somewhere!   If my memory serves me well, I should be able to publish soon enough!  <insert grin here>  Well, it's publishing now.  We'll see what it looks like in a minute.  Eventually, I'll have to figure out how to add a new user to Apache.   There must be a script to do it for me.

It did publish.  But to the root web.  That's my mistake.  Not nice.   And FrontPage Explorer reported a time-out after the publishing.

This morning I tried publishing again.  Twice.  The web server seems to do a periodic disk accesses.  FP Explorer just sits there.  I started a publish at 0933 and it failed at 0940. It failed with the same details as last time.  'The server "" timed out.  The current request did not complete successfully.'

I get the same error if I try to open the Apache FrontPage web with FrontPage Explorer.

Now I'll try to publish to one of the virtual webs.  It gets to the point where the FP Explorer status bar message is "Processing web update for http://freebsd/racingsystem...".  And this time, the error message was the same but it mentioned the name of the server this time.

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