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When cvsup'ing your ports, remember the base distribution 20 January 2000
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I cvsup my ports on a regular basis.   However, when I recently tried to upgrade to OpenSSH 1.2.1, I encountered an error.  This article shows what I did wrong.
The example problem
I was about to upgrade to OpenSSH 1.2.1 from 1.2.0.  So I first did a pkg_delete OpenSSH1.2.0 to remove the old port.  Then I, because I had the entire ports tree, I did this:
# make install
===> Installing for OpenSSH-1.2.1
Error: category ipv6 not in list of valid categories.
*** Error code 1

*** Error code 1

*** Error code 1


I looked at the Makefile and found this line:

CATEGORIES=     security net ipv6

My temporary solution was to remove ipv6 from the line.  The next section shows the permanent solution.

The solution
Here is what I should have done instead of removing ipv6 from the makefile.

This problem occurred because /usr/ports/Mk was out of sync with the rest of my ports.  The file /usr/ports/Mk/ contains a list of the valid categories.  The latest version of the OpenSSH port needed a new category, which didn't exist on my box.  My version was out of date.  Here's what the updated version looked like:

VALID_CATEGORIES+= afterstep archivers astro audio benchmarks \
        biology cad chinese comms converters databases deskutils \
        devel editors elisp emulators ftp games german gnome \
        graphics ipv6 irc japanese java kde korean lang \
        mail math mbone misc net news \
        offix palm perl5 plan9 print python russian \
        security shells sysutils \
        tcl76 tcl80 tcl81 tcl82 tcl83 textproc \
        tk42 tk80 tk82 tk83 tkstep80 \
        vietnamese windowmaker www \
        x11 x11-clocks x11-fm x11-fonts x11-servers x11-toolkits \

I checked my ports-supfile.  I don't use the ports-all collection.  Instead, I only only those ports which are imortant to me.   Unfortunately, I didn't know that ports-base one collection I should alway update.  It was commented out.

I enabled the ports-base collection and tried another cvsup:

cvsup -P m ports-supfile

During this cvup, I noticed that the Mk collection was updated.  To test that all was well, I went back to the OpenSSH directory and added ipv6 back into the Makefile.  Then I did the following:

make deinstall
make install    

And this time OpenSSH 1.2.1 installed just fine, thank you.

The moral of the story
If you are updating your ports and not using ports-all, remember to include ports-base.

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