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 Linux <--> FreeBSD
Author: codephreaker 
Date:   05-08-03 20:54

i've started with Linux 7 years ago ... at first with SuSE Linux (a very common german 'linux' package), redhat, slackware and finally LFS (LinuxFromScratch).

1 1/2 years ago i switched to freebsd ... and tried openbsd as well ...

i think freebsd is the .*ix os to start with ... everybody says Linux is so well documentated and u get help everywhere : BullS..t

with bsd u need only one person who is used to Freebsd and some time to play with the os.

i think an os where u have to dig into tons of documentation to get and keep it running is not state-of-the-art.

its horrible how the different firms 'customize their linux'. each dist. is a whole new world u have to discover to just change a nics ip permanently.

now i'm running freebsd one some servers in some firms serving quiet many ws without a problem while upgrading the os ... (which is really difficult on a linux based server)

finally: FreeBSD is an os linux wants to be .....

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 Re: Linux &lt;--&gt; FreeBSD
Author: Jason Browne 
Date:   04-09-03 21:44

Linux kicks Butt, did you see the linux vs Freebsd on Tech Tv the other night. Murry and Matt Olander the two freebsd gurus where on.,24330,3511343,00.html
it was pretty cool, only it was way to short.

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 Re: Linux <--> FreeBSD
Author: Dan 
Date:   04-09-03 22:21

Jason Browne wrote:

> Linux kicks Butt

Is that what you meant to say? Here? ;)


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 Re: Linux FreeBSD
Author: John 
Date:   06-09-03 19:07

I had use linux somwhere in 1996. Can say seriously that major problem was sudden computer off's. I faced that Linux intended to drop or damage .conf files during unexpected poweroff! I don't know what hands designed such a horrible thing. In 1997 I switched to FreeBSD and was happy. However, in 1998 I got feel need of more power and switched to NetBSD. The result you can see: Since that I am using only NetBSD and
company where I am working switched all comp's to NetBSD. So today I don't understand why some people run Linux, when you can easy emulate it under NetBSD.

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 Re: Linux FreeBSD
Author: Shannon 
Date:   26-09-03 04:08

I am in the process of moving from Linux Mandrake 9.2 to FreeBSD 5.1.


- Mandrake is slowly but surely doing as I predicted. They are succumbing to their shareholders' desire for the bottom line over everything else. FreeBSD is free. Truely free. Keep your shareholders off my OS!

- Mandrake makes you dependant on Mandrake to upgrade packages if you're not willing to go through dependancy hell. To upgrade gAIM wasn't the two days of frustration and system screwing on FreeBSD that it was on Mandrake. It was "make install clean" and then an occasional "portupgrade gaim".

- There's only one FreeBSD. There's endless Linux distros, all doing things a different way.

-FreeBSD gives me more stability than Mandrake did, even when using the "unstable" 5.1 and all the latest software in the ports tree. It's the best of both worlds - stability and currency.

- My favorite game (Neverwinter Nights) runs better under FreeBSD than it does under Linux in 9 out of 10 aspects. (Somehow, the image of what your character was doing while the save was being made doesn't show under FreeBSD, and the NVidia driver is a bit temperamental with NWN... but those are certainly not FreeBSD's fault.)

- Amusing as it may sound... using 'edit' at the command line. It's much more familiar and intuitive than vi.

- Ports rock, naturally.

- Two words: Make world.

- Sane kernel configuration and compilation.

- burncd lets me create CDs without mucking around in SCSI simulation.

- portupgrade is incredible. Being able to upgrade every installed package in a single command is priceless.

- The complete FreeBSD handbook online, and installed with the OS!

- FreeBSD-questions mailing list.

In a world that is going madder and madder, FreeBSD/NetBSD/OpenBSD are rays of hope. FreeBSD's ways of doing things make sense to me.

My success story, I suppose, is that I am running FreeBSD 5.1-p5. That I have overcome 85% of the hurdles to making it my only OS. And that I feel like I can achieve the other 15% also.

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 Re: Linux FreeBSD
Author: jai.unix 
Date:   30-03-06 09:31

I m new to FreeBSD, but I learn lot of things than Linux. I have also installed NetBSD and OpenBSD. FreeBSD is nice in both Server and Desktop platforms.

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 Re: Linux <---> FreeBSD
Author: ibonny 
Date:   03-01-08 17:14

I've been a Linux user since probably the early 90s, and its done everything I've wanted it to. The main reason for me to look into FreeBSD is because I find having "backup plans" and greater knowledge gives you greater leverage when finding the right solution for a client. While Linux is good at what it does, and does have the greatest source of drivers and code, FreeBSD is incredibly stable. I've had several Linux boxes blow up in my face for no reason. FreeBSD though, has not. Plus, due to licensing issues, FreeBSD has covered some areas that Linux can't even touch. So, depending on the solution, both can be applied well.


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