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 FreeBSD - the complete gateway solution!
Author: William Cooper 
Date:   14-04-02 13:30

At home I always had two different Operating systems running, at the time it was Windows2000 Professional for workstations, and Linux for my other machine which is called chewy. I had probly been playing around with red hat 6.2 for at least half a year now and getting no where fast, I would reinstall every few months cause I sucked that much, then a friend recomended FreeBSD to me, so I downloaded it and never did anything with the CD I had burnt, few weeks later a friend in a IRC channel said sure go and install it! He showed me the basics, like the ports, rc.conf etc and I fell in love with it, it was easy to manage, it was like a dream, about 2 months later I decided that my windows2000 machine wasnt up to routing all my internet traffic, so I decided to put the FreeBSD machine as my primary gateway machine and I've never gone back since, it provides the internet connection for 5 workstations on my home network, never had to reinstall. With the help from the FreeBSD UK users mailing list I had PPP running and various other bits and its just been great.

and thats about it!

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