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 My story
Author: Don Brearley 
Date:   13-04-02 08:53


When I started my job, we had 2 linux boxes (rh 6.1 and 6.2), 4 novell boxes, and 1 NT 4.0 server.

Well im happy to now say that FreeBSD has replaced one of the Novell servers (DNS), both of the linux boxes (Webserver and Firewall), and the NT server has been changed into a FreeBSD-based "log" box with 200GB worth of HD's on it.

I've also added two additional FreeBSD webservers for internal use, with two more on the way to handle printing and file sharing via samba. Which will replace the remaining Novell servers leaving us with nothing but FreeBSD and two linux box's dedicated to our linux class's.

Novell worked.. it's just that I like FreeBSD so much better.

Currently we have Groupwise running off of a Novell server and I suppose I could either leave it on Novell, or run it on a Win2k server but.... hmm.

Is there any good groupwise alternatives available for FreeBSD? (or even Linux for that matter) ?


- Don Brearley

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 Re: My story
Author: Don Brearley 
Date:   26-05-02 07:38

A follow up:

FreeBSD has now completley taken over. There is only one Novell server left with Groupwise 6 running on it, and FreeBSD is taking care of the rest.

- Don

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 Re: My story
Author: sab 
Date:   06-12-02 14:22

How bout IMAP on FreeBSD combined with Outlook + ?

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