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 Last Job...
Author: Erin 
Date:   02-04-05 13:36

At my last job, I setup 5 FreeBSD servers. 2 DNS, 2 SMTP gateways and a stats box.

The 2 DNS servers were over built, but also served as NFS hosts for the backups.

The stats box ran mrtg and graphed every switch and router on the network. There are a LOT of switches and routers, easily several hundred.

The SMTP gateways were my babies. They were the reason I loved my job.

Using Activestates' (now Sophos') PureMessage on a 2.4G Xeon, 4G RAM, 4x72G U160 on RAID 5 (HP 5302 SCSI to SCSI RAID). When I first built the servers we were processing about 140,000 emails a month. Fast forward two years and we are handling about 1.4 Million email a month.

I had some nice MRTG graphs with a custom version of phpsysinfo. I must say, that after getting the RAID controller worked out, that those machines were rock solid. They would have 2 years of total uptime, if it were not for the datacenter move. :-)

By the way, on a server with a high rate of transactions to a RAID set, use battery-backed write-through cache on the controller. At peak we would hit 150,000 transaction/second. This was later fixed in Puremessage, but none the less was the bane of my existence for a long while.


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 Re: Last Job...
Author: daniel.schrock 
Date:   04-04-05 16:34

w00t! Another PureMessage user! I love Sophos PureMessage. We have 2 PM SMTP gateways on Dell 2650s running FreeBSD 4.8. They process ~28000 messages/week, and the boxes are largely bored.

I'd be interested in picking your brain and opening a discussion about PureMessage, if you have time.

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