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 FreeBSD in Education
Author: JH Foo 
Date:   14-01-05 06:31

It's not FreeBSD covering all or most aspects of education needs. It's not about anything specific to the education industry. But since it was APPLIED to our business (which is in online education), I thought it is still relavant to this forum.

We were the major online business systems provider then, covering some 200 schools (it sounds small, but in Singapore that's a pretty nice number). That's some 200 domains as well. Email accounts went well above 200,000. Our Sendmail for Windows because extremely unwieldy and unreliable. So we decided to switch.

To cut the long story short, we ended up with Qmail + FreeBSD. Throw in some special scripting (and some learning period because none of us were FreeBSD people) and we were managing the entire population, and ready for more. FreeBSD was easy to set up, easy to install Qmail plus related apps (via ports), and easy to get updates (cvsupd).

Qmail was an amazing mail server. But I'd like to think that FreeBSD made it a lot easier for us to see it. We've tried Slackware and other flavours of Linux. But I guess it helped a lot to pull out a 3.x FreeBSD manual and realise that it is still relavant to 4.x still!

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