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 Minimalist Server Distro Found
Author: Graham 
Date:   10-10-04 14:17

Hi All,

I have been using SME Server for some years and found it to be a very good / stable distro for small workgroups and businesses (typically my clients)

[Note: SME Server is a Linux distro now hosted at]

But, for some tasks I wanted a server that performed just one function very well, was quick to install / update and was secure.

I started to use Trustix Linux [] which is an excellent distro, installs in no time and is very well supported. The Ethos is this - install the minimum, only start services if chosen, only add services if required.

Well, its a great distro but guess what - the community support / updates cease to exist in 2005 :(

So, I started looking at other Linux distros inc Debian / Gentoo however it wasnt long before I checked out FreeBSD. The minimal install reminded me of Trustix, asking only of services I *wanted* and knew about. It 'felt' secure from the start. I then tried updating and upgrading and that went well too.

I decided then that FreeBSD would replace Trusitix in my toolbox forever.


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