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 Thank You
Author: Kamaris 
Date:   04-05-04 20:03

Hello and good day.

I would just like to extend a general thank you for the time and energy you put into this site. I started learning FreeBSD about 8 months ago and have come back to your site as a reference point many times.

The company I work for was in some serious financial shambles due to managerial embezzlement and poor choices in purchasing. Bottom line, they couldn't afford to live in a Microsoft world (or completely, anyways). Well before I arrived here the company was persuaded to invest in a Voice Over IP phone system which has a lot of Microsoft application dependencies (Exchange mail server, SQL database server, and the actual VoIP software... all of which run on Windows). Needless to say, the licensing aspects of the software was killing them.

Also, due to their financial mishaps they were locked into certain agreements, one of which was an upgrade of phone system through the same company due to not being able to get financing from any other company until 2008 or something.

Two weeks ago the phone system was upgraded "successfully" (a few mishaps here and there, but on the whole it worked out). While I couldn't get them completely away from Microsoft, I was at least able to get them off Exchange and onto Postfix for their VoIP Unified Messaging portion of the phone upgrade.

Undoubtedly, I've used your website as well as help from #freebsd@Undernet and #freebsd@Freenode extensively throughout this upgrade process.

Much obliged and much love to any of you from those places who took pity on a poor fool who spoke before he thought at a company meeting and said something about "saving the company money".


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