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 Lost partition table
Author: Radosław Swadźba 
Date:   23-12-03 17:43

I have recenlty lost partition table from my hard disk by playing with fdisk(8). I was really nervous, i thought my 40GB of data was lost! I decided not to give up. I plugged my hdd into my old computer running FreeBSD 4.9-S. After a while of searching, I have found something interesting in /usr/ports:

Port: gpart-0.1h
Path: /usr/ports/sysutils/gpart
Info: Tries to recover lost partition tables and file systems

I installed it as fast as i could. ;)
After a while of reading 'man gpart' i did 'gpart /dev/ad3' and I saw my ntfs, fat32 and ufs partitions. I decided to write my partition table back as fast as possible, so i did as described in manual:
'gpart -W /dev/ad3 /dev/ad3'
Then, I rebooted my computer, mounted recovered partitions and copied the most important data to other hdd, I wanted to have everything clean so I made new partitions and installed new system.
And that was my story ;->
Do everything at your own risk, and read gpart(8)!
Special thanks goes to Michail Brzitwa - an author of gpart.

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