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 Lost partition table
Author: Radosław Swadźba 
Date:   23-12-03 17:43

I have recenlty lost partition table from my hard disk by playing with fdisk(8). I was really nervous, i thought my 40GB of data was lost! I decided not to give up. I plugged my hdd into my old computer running FreeBSD 4.9-S. After a while of searching, I have found something interesting in /usr/ports:

Port: gpart-0.1h
Path: /usr/ports/sysutils/gpart
Info: Tries to recover lost partition tables and file systems

I installed it as fast as i could. ;)
After a while of reading 'man gpart' i did 'gpart /dev/ad3' and I saw my ntfs, fat32 and ufs partitions. I decided to write my partition table back as fast as possible, so i did as described in manual:
'gpart -W /dev/ad3 /dev/ad3'
Then, I rebooted my computer, mounted recovered partitions and copied the most important data to other hdd, I wanted to have everything clean so I made new partitions and installed new system.
And that was my story ;->
Do everything at your own risk, and read gpart(8)!
Special thanks goes to Michail Brzitwa - an author of gpart.

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 Re: Lost partition table
Author: Radosław Swadźba 
Date:   23-12-03 17:47

Author: Radoslaw Swadzba
Sorry for PL fonts.

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 Re: Lost partition table
Author: Bharat 
Date:   16-01-04 06:46

IS it possible in case of windows.I lost Extended partition table while installation of mcafee antivirus.When rebooted found all partition D,E lost.

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 Re: Lost partition table
Author: Radoslaw Swadzba 
Date:   19-01-04 14:44

As I remember, my extended partition (fat32) was recovered as a normal partition and It was accessable.

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 Re: Lost partition table
Author: krishna bardewa 
Date:   11-04-04 04:41

when I have got the system crashed in my pc I have lost my 80gb hard disk with four partition and now only the c drive is active after installed win 98 but left are unknown and if I run the xp setup for operation system then the probem shows that pri master hard disk smart status bad and i'm not able to set up the xp in my hdd.
what do I do in such condition?

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 Re: Lost partition table
Author: Dan 
Date:   11-04-04 11:55

krishna bardewa wrote:

> what do I do in such condition?

This is a place to get help with FreeBSD. People here are quite unlikely to have/share Windows expertise. This particular forum is also for sharing success stories, not asking for help.



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