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 Re: FreeBSD -- the final OS
Author: Dan 
Date:   04-12-03 17:45

I have no idea why you added to this thread. It's not related at all.

martes g wigglesworth wrote:

> I have had exceeding difficulty installing and using freebsd as
> a client environment OS.

You should be seeking help in the Support forum, not here.

> Are you using the mkisofs commandline,


> because it seems to me that freebsd has a greet footing in
> server operations, however, the minute that you want to do
> something like edit a word document, with, which
> requires so much crap just to do make, which is not included or
> even easy to downloads in the first place, the os seems to
> chuckle at you.

I don't see the connection between mkisofs and the above.

> What do you use which makes this OS even
> comparable to Linux as far as every-day actions, and business
> software?

What do we use? The same things Linux uses of course...

> It has been my experience, that a person needs to
> know wayyyyy toooo daaarrrrnnn much about the programming side,
> of any package that he/she wants to install, since the only
> things that are reliable from ports, are usually the basic
> server apps and some,and i meeaaannn sommmeeee, of the desktop
> productivity apps for gnome, such as I can't
> even get it to make . And it even takes about two hours of
> running make to even get to the point where it decides that it
> does not have some obscure file that is never available where
> the make output indicates.
> Any help would be appreciated...

Please post a message to the correct forum for help (Support). Include the commands you issues, the output (including errors) and a brief description of what you are trying to do. Include the output of "uname -a".


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