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 Re: FreeBSD -- the final OS
Author: martes g wigglesworth 
Date:   04-12-03 05:43

I have had exceeding difficulty installing and using freebsd as a client environment OS. Are you using the mkisofs commandline, because it seems to me that freebsd has a greet footing in server operations, however, the minute that you want to do something like edit a word document, with, which requires so much crap just to do make, which is not included or even easy to downloads in the first place, the os seems to chuckle at you. What do you use which makes this OS even comparable to Linux as far as every-day actions, and business software? It has been my experience, that a person needs to know wayyyyy toooo daaarrrrnnn much about the programming side, of any package that he/she wants to install, since the only things that are reliable from ports, are usually the basic server apps and some,and i meeaaannn sommmeeee, of the desktop productivity apps for gnome, such as I can't even get it to make . And it even takes about two hours of running make to even get to the point where it decides that it does not have some obscure file that is never available where the make output indicates.

Any help would be appreciated...



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