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 FreeBSD -- the final OS
Author: Mathias Menzel-Nielsen 
Date:   04-06-03 00:27

I've switched to FreeBSD, a few days ago -- and it's fantastic!
I was using Linux before since 1996. But one day I bought me a 52x CD-Burner. And I was very frustrated that it's not possible to burn 2352-sector CD's (like VCDs) in UDMA Mode in Linux!
The scsi-emulation is a piece of sh.t! DMA is only implemented for cooked-sector-writing. In RAW you can always only use PIO!
After googling around, i discovered that it wont change till kernel 2.6.
So I installed FreeBSD. Linux isn't bad, but a OS which needs 100% CPU on an Athlon to burn a VCD isnt an option for me.

And what should I say?

It's fantastic!

Its a much cleaner OS. All seems so... correct! : )

Im burning VCD's at 52x now at 3% CPU.
And the portstree is the real thing! (Not that bited gentoo portage)

Thats evolution: Starting with S.u.S.E, moving to Debian, than to gentoo and finally coming home to FreeBSD :-D

I don't think I'll ever need a different OS...

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