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 FreeBSD, me, & User-ppp
Author: D. Gould 
Date:   04-09-03 10:16

Last Summer, I purchased the FreeBSD 4.6 power pack after using a few Linux OS versions, and not being totally satisfied with them (Actually, slackware runs pretty smooth, but I didn't check it out until this past spring). I had no previous experience with any BSD operating system. So, it was basically trial-and-error, learning things little by little until this past April, when I finally had the thing up and running with ipfw. Bear in mind, I am not the technical type, although I have had some schooling. But, that was back in the '80's when everyone was still Cobol-driven, and the World Wide Web as we know it, was not even a thought.

Anyway, I recently put up a web site (still in rough-draft mode) to document everything I did to get FreeBSD running on my PC. I don't run a network with it, or anything. That's way beyond my knowledge at this point in the game. It's just a basic stand-alone running 4.7 and 5.1. I just thought it would be cool to have a site for people like me, who want to have a major OS on their home computer instead of one of those crappy over-priced retail versions, but don't have all of the technical know-how to get an immediate grip on some of the documentation available. I'm sure they are great docs, but coming from my standpoint, they really are not ideally geared toward the person with a basic workstation, and a simple desire to just cruise the net like the eaverage person. So, I think I can add something there.

Getting to my point, I recently configured user-ppp. I was running it as root, but my wife likes using that KPPP utility that comes with the KDE desktop, and I got tired of watching her wait on the interface. I'm not real big KDE fan anyway, and I figured that there has got to be a better way to do things. So, I broke open the Handbook that came with the power pack, and fumbled through it until I ran across some docs that showed how to get ppp running in the user mode.

I was surprised how easy those instructions were to follow! In no time I had it configured, and with a couple simple scripts I put together for connecting and disconnecting -- it's just one-click to the internet, and one-click to disconnect and kill the browser. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy learning the command line. But, this so convenient and just plain ROCKS! Besides that, my wife is hip to BSD now, and doesn't bother much with the Slackware or Red Hat. Personally, I don't think I've gotten around the net so efficiently in my life, which is such a joy because the high-speed access that the city offers is way out of our price-range.

Man, I am so happy! It was worth all of the pain and frustration for a regular guy like myself to get FreeBSD configured on my lowly PC. I can't wait to get the documentation up on my web site so I can help others like me do the same.

FreeBSD is THE bomb!

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