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 Linux <--> FreeBSD
Author: codephreaker 
Date:   05-08-03 20:54

i've started with Linux 7 years ago ... at first with SuSE Linux (a very common german 'linux' package), redhat, slackware and finally LFS (LinuxFromScratch).

1 1/2 years ago i switched to freebsd ... and tried openbsd as well ...

i think freebsd is the .*ix os to start with ... everybody says Linux is so well documentated and u get help everywhere : BullS..t

with bsd u need only one person who is used to Freebsd and some time to play with the os.

i think an os where u have to dig into tons of documentation to get and keep it running is not state-of-the-art.

its horrible how the different firms 'customize their linux'. each dist. is a whole new world u have to discover to just change a nics ip permanently.

now i'm running freebsd one some servers in some firms serving quiet many ws without a problem while upgrading the os ... (which is really difficult on a linux based server)

finally: FreeBSD is an os linux wants to be .....

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