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 Re: FreeBSD in a Law Firm
Author: t9 
Date:   05-05-03 05:54

wow, impressive. squid is neet, perhaps you should see if they would like some type of ad-zapping redirector for squid.

dont download spam, replace it

you'd be surprized at how much bandwidth those ads take, and at how much nicer of an experience the web is without ads.

there is a port (of course) adzap or adzapper (one is better than the other imo, perhaps adzapper) that perform this task quite nicely. the one i use is the one that replaces images with transparent 1x1 gif placeholders (or .png i believe), and replaces html and js popups i believe. (been a short while since i've used it, it just kinda works and you forget about it if you know what i mean ;)

it determines which items to block based on a pattern that can include the url or the hostname or both or whatever. i simplified updating this list of offenders by creating a php script to allow for quit additions to the list of sites to block.
just right click on the image or document in question, copy and paste best pattern (for instance if its will work, but you might already have *ads*.com blocked if you trust no legit site will have that in their name, for example, adstopper or adsmasher or adstomper or whatever)]

check it out

on another note i also pre-cache some material i often access, including quite a bit of reference material. This is done to both increase speed by fetching locally, and increase bandwidth available on the internet pipe. I use wget, see the man page for information about switches for proxy fetching, might also wanna google it.

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