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 NT to Linux (to Solaris) to BSD
Author: Phil Lembo 
Date:   02-02-03 22:24

In 1985 a kid who worked for me at CompUSA gave me my first look at Linux. By 1996 I'd been to Microsoft School and had started a new career as an NT system admin. By 2000 I'd survived Y2K as one of the NT desktop engineers for my company. I'd also got some flight time on Linux and had a hand in installing Linux on our mainframe. Later that year I got involved in our LDAP directory project, which put me on Solaris. Somehow I in the middle of all I tried FreeBSD for the first time and was hooked. Two years later I'm still running a FreeBSD machine under my desk to do most UNIX system admin work and recently compiled Rotor on it. That little BSD box has been a life saver more times than I can count, both as a learning tool and a rock solid system to get the work done. Here's the best part -- Next week we're getting reorganized. The NT and UNIX groups are being merged into a new cross-platform organization that will hopefully lead to our using the best platform for the job when it comes to new projects. Other than me, there's just one other BSD guy here -- one of the UNIX admins who's an OpenBSD fan. By next year... who knows?

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