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 Putting my mom onto FreeBSD/KDE3
Author: Dan Langille 
Date:   20-08-02 06:47

I just did this:

cd /usr/ports/x11/kde3 && make install

On a newly installed box with an NFS mounted /usr/ports ( wonder how long that will take.

Hopefully < 18 hours

Watch this space.

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 Re: Putting my mom onto FreeBSD/KDE3
Author: Ross Lippert 
Date:   20-08-02 18:24

I've used KDE1 KDE2 and KDE3. KDE1 was suffering. KDE2
really came much further. KDE3 is pretty close to what I
think your mom would like.

(I also switch between sawfish+rox and enlightenment+rox
because I sometimes I just get tired of eyecandy, and like
to sometimes pretend I am a minimalist.)

My biggest gripe with kde (and it is not a big gripe) is that
annoying artsd which grabs /dev/dsp and doesn't let go, so
xmms and mplayer have trouble getting running. Be sure to make a big BOMB icon on the desktop which does
'killall artsd'
so mom can press it when these apps have trouble starting.

One thing I would recommend you do for mom though is install
a couple extras which the kde3 port does not install like
which has a nice addressbook and also has postits. Mom's love
addressbooks and postits.

And if I can bend your ear further, while you have KDE3 you
might as well install linux-opera. It works a little better
than konqueror in the javascript department, and since it is
built on qt, it has a very consistent overall look and feel.

Another good add-on is AbiWord. It is a bit superior to
kword and not nearly the pain to install as openoffice
(which is the best if you can get it to build...). It is
gtk based, not qt based, so the look-feel consistency is

Hmmmm what else would any mom want, well xmms and mplayer
go without saying.

One thing you will find is that the default kde menus
contain a bunch of menu entries for apps which did not get
installed, e.g. xfig. You should either be nice to mom and
delete these menu items, or take these as suggestions as to
what to download next to give her a happy fun box.

Don't forget to run the kappfinder once and a while to find
the new apps.


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 Re: Putting my mom onto FreeBSD/KDE3
Author: damon 
Date:   17-01-03 09:32

Hi , Ross
I like kde3 too , and i don't have any idea about what kde2 , kde1 is
and i'm still a new to FreeBSD , FreeBSD come to my life from 4.6.2 Release
but i can offer something useful for you

for the problem of artsd , you can just forward any apps need sound such as xmms to using artsd with command artsdsp
artsdsp xmms
will start xmms but will using artsd as well , and everything need sound working well with it

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 Re: Putting my mom onto FreeBSD/KDE3
Author: chief wanton 
Date:   06-08-03 22:56

to review older versions

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