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 Install on a Dell Laptop .. Success!!
Author: deejc 
Date:   04-01-08 08:48

Hello all,

I tinkered with linux for a while and so kind of cut my teeth on it and then i discovered FreeBSD in the last month .. its like a breath of fresh Air!
i read a post on this forum about "Coming Home" to FreeBSD and i whole heartedly agree, i finally found an OS i can taylor to my liking and that doesnt come fully loaded with a load of rubbish that i will never use.

I have been using it on a dual partitioned dell laptop (vostro 1000) and have found it to be the fastest booting OS i have ever used.
I have everything working (that i need) except for video acceleration on the ati radeon card, But as i dont play games i dont really mind.
It plays my MP3's from my WinXP media centre machine over the network, plays videos, downloads wirelessly, fetchs my email, runs security scripts and mails me the output etc etc i could go on but you all know the things it can do so there is no point.
Most of the things i found extremely hard to do in Linux have been a breeze, Take my network card for instance .. i used the NDISGEN program to extract the ndis drivers and then WPA and it worked first time .. no messing about, in Linux it took me a week the first time and then the time before that i had to "PURCHASE" a driver from a company called linuxant.

I would like to add an entry on this site to the Laptops topic with some info on how i got my Laptop working is that possible ?



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 Install on a Dell Laptop .. Success!!   new
deejc 04-01-08 08:48 
 Re: Install on a Dell Laptop .. Success!!   new
Dan 05-01-08 00:10 

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