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 ipfilter - "log" needs a protocol if a port is used
Author: parv 
Date:   10-05-02 10:05

after upgrading to freebsd-stable may 2 2002 (from last -stable mar. 16 2002), i discovered that in ipf rules a protocol needs to be defined if a port is used.

observe. both of the following rules were wrorking before may 2...

block in log quick from any to any port < 1025
log in from any to any port < 1025

...after may 2, i needed them to be updated to...

block in log quick proto tcp/udp from any to any port < 1025
log in proto tcp/udp from any to any port < 1025

...of course, there is no point in having both the rules at the same time being active; they are given just as examples to make the point.

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