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 Remembering options for upgrading ports
Author: Seamus Venasse 
Date:   06-05-02 05:13

I like to keep the ports installed on my server updated to the latest and greatest version that the ports tree has to offer. Using the awesome portupgrade utility found under sysutils/portupgrade, the task of upgrading individual or many ports at once is a breeze.

A problem I have frequently encountered is remembering which options I have selected for a port during the build time. For example, I configured textproc/libxml2 as:

> make WITHOUT_PYTHON=yes all install clean

When it came to upgrading the port however, I completely forgot about the WITHOUT_PYTHON option and installed Python along with my upgrade.

To ensure that I don't forget the options which I have used previously, I simply append the options into my /etc/make.conf file. So for this example, I appended the following lines:

# required for textproc/libxml2

I hope this tip helps someone else, like it has me!


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Seamus Venasse 06-05-02 05:13 
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parv 06-05-02 22:08 
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Dan Langille 07-05-02 05:37 

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