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 Folding@home works on Freebsd...
Author: Mason Begley 
Date:   24-03-02 12:30

I just wanted to verify that the Folding@home client ( version 2.19 for linux works on freebsd. I downloaded the linux executable from the website, then ran:

brandelf -t Linux FAH2Console-v219-Linux.exe
chmod +x FAH2Console-v219-Linux.exe

This will attempt to download a new exe file (Core_65.exe) that will attempt to execute and will fail because it needs to be branded too. The client will just keep downloading it until it works, which won't happen. I hit control-c to exit, then I typed:

brandelf -t Linux Core_65.exe

And then it started to work. I'm not sure what the Core_65.exe file is yet, but I'm guessing that since there are more than one type of protein types, there are more than one executable. If this is true, once this program finishes, its going to try to download a new exe file that will need to be branded as well. But this is work in progress, I haven't seen it yet so who knows.

I'll post more later when I have ran this for a bit.

Mason Begley

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