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 Scroll the screen
Author: John Doe 
Date:   26-02-02 22:01

a tip for beginners (like me), I was looking for that feature since a long time, spending my time with " |more " option to see outputs, an long lists...

to see what's up your screen PRESS Pause KEY, then PgUp/Pgdn will display your "upper screen" (previous)

that technique seems "buffered",
don't know how to set that buffer size,
what makes "|more" args still usefull...
for very very long output...

"Happy BSDing"



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 Re: Scroll the screen
Author: donald fast 
Date:   27-02-02 06:07

A minor correction:
the key to press is actually the 'Scroll Lock' key (which may be the pause key on some keyboards).

cursor up and down will also work to scroll by lines.

It seems to be about 2 or 3 screenfuls. It would be nice to increase this limit (especially when making a port, so that i can quickly see what changed).

hope this helps,


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 Re: Scroll the screen
Author: Rob 
Date:   27-02-02 20:08


With an xterm you can change the scroll buffer with this option:

-sl 2000

As far as the console I am not sure, but it would be nice to change it to a higher value.



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 Re: Scroll the screen
Author: Rob 
Date:   27-02-02 20:11

Actually, upon further examination, it looks like you can change it in the kernel. I did "man syscons" and the option looks like it is SC_HISTORY_SIZE is where you can set it.


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 Re: Scroll the screen
Author: el_kab0ng 
Date:   01-03-02 00:35

Let's not forget the virtual windows at the console... "print screen" will scroll between the 7. =]

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 Re: Scroll the screen
Author: cam 
Date:   04-03-02 02:46

Why not just use the 'script' command?

Works beautifully.


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 Re: Scroll the screen
Author: .daniel.schrock 
Date:   04-03-02 23:18

'script' is relatively inefficient if you don't need to look very far back...

its great for recording compiles, but you just need to see a couple lines above the limit of your terminal borders, it just adds hassle

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 Re: Scroll the screen 4 linux wanaswitch2...
Author: bob 
Date:   01-08-03 20:20


under linux (but also by default when ssh/telneting my DSB box)
it is always SHIFT+PGUP / SHIFT+PGDW...

wich drive me crazy when I have to plug a keyboard into a FBSD..


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