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 Thuderbird - open hyperlinks in your browser
Author: Dan 
Date:   10-01-08 14:56

Credit to for the basis of this tip.

When using Thunderbird for my email, I want to click on hyperlinks and have it open in my browser. Specifcally, in Opera. This solution will work for any browser, provided you know the trick for your browser.

I am using Thunderbird (20071207). Hopefully the menu links will not vary much over time.

Edit | Preferences | Advanced | General

You should see a button for Config Editor. Click it.

You should now see a list of Preference Names. In the Filter field, type app.http. This should filter out the irrelevant items and leave you with the items related to http applications:

You may have to add these items manually. If so, right click in the preference pane and select: New | String.

For the preference name, specify:
For the string value, supply: /home/dvl/.thunderbird/opera_links

Adjust the contents of /home/dan/.thunderbird/opera_links to suit your username. For that matter, you could name the file firefox_links. :)

Repeat this process to add so you can view https:// links. Both preference items will have the same string value.

The contents of /home/dvl/.thunderbird/opera_links appears at the end of this post. Remember to chmod +x this file.


# adjust this path for your install of Opera

# Choose how to open new links

# get URL to load
url=$1; [ -z $url ] && url=about:blank

# try xremote first and if it doesn't work, start a
# new instance of Opera
${OPERA} -remote "openURL($url,$OPENMODE)" || ${OPERA} $url &


Post Edited (10-01-08 15:00)

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 Re: Thuderbird - open hyperlinks in your browser
Author: Dan 
Date:   14-01-08 01:34

Oh! And I also found/used this:


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