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 Re: MySQL? XML? mysqldump?
Author: Dan 
Date:   21-11-06 16:59

csinclair wrote:

> <code snippet>
> #!/bin/csh
> #www/data backup
> tar -cf - /usr/local/www/data-dist/* | gzip -c >
> ~/bak/$1_www_data.tar.gz

What is this backing up? The websites? OK.

> #mysql db backup
> sqldump --user=root --password=******** wikidb >
> ~/bak/$1.mysql.dump

> tar -cf - ~/bak/$1.mysql.dump | gzip -c >
> ~/bak/$1_mysql_dump.tar.gz
> rm ~/bal/$1.mysql.dump

> </code snippet>

> As you can clearly see I'm not using the xml option, I would
> if I thought it would be helpful, please explain.
> Also, what about all of my graphic images on the server as
> well, I've been tar.gz'ing them with the script as well, but
> I'm not too sure how the images will fare in the
> tarring/untarring as well as how to automate or ease the
> transition when moving the Wiki database, pictures and all.
> Any tips or pointers on this topic are appreciated as I'll
> have to use this soon in the real world.

Have you tested it? Reverse the process and import the data you backed up. Test it.


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