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 Corrupt Postfix messages
Author: Dan 
Date:   30-01-05 19:32

The other day I upgraded Postfix while it was running. This is the second time I've done that. It resulted, again, in entries such as this, in /var/log/maillog:

postfix/qmgr[213]: warning: saving corrupt file "2B8581F0BA" from queue "active" to queue "corrupt"

Similary, if you just restart postfix, you'll see these messages:

postfix/postfix-script: warning: damaged message: corrupt/271621F01D

If you inspect /var/spool/postfix/corrupt, you'll see:

[root@polo:/var/spool/postfix/corrupt] # ls
004481F176 25EE01EFC6 490EC1EFDD 645F91F142 7F0FF1F170 9EAA41F0F0 BFB291EF89 DC86C1F151
00E141F13B 271621F01D 495201F082 660511F059 7F17B1F111 9EC451F115 BFC961F01E DCD351F084
01EE81EFCF 279281F040 497E61EFE3 66A841F0D0 7F7D01F146 9F10A1EFF1 C0B5E1F09B DD1081F129
021111F010 27A551F081 499271F0ED 66B421EFC9 800041F03E 9F9371F009 C17051F110 DD3961F0B9
027541F052 27BDB1F0D8 49DCF1F0A0 66F961F057 808601EFE1 A02791F12B C2F501F04B DDCBB1F118
02B401F0EC 298041EFB9 49FB81EFBA 66FCE1EF7F 826041F086 A12CB1EFF0 C2F891EF9D DE0A31F124
03A941EFDA 2A8621EFB5 4A0831F14D 671C71F0B4 829941EF93 A134D1EFEB C30871F11C DE3A01EF94
040B71F083 2B16D1EFBB 4A45A1EFAE 675A11F15A 82A931F0DE A1FAC1F112 C49A41F04E DE4201F037


My solution, and I'm not sure this is standard, was:

[root@polo:/var/spool/postfix] # mv corrupt/* maildrop/

Then everything was delivered as expected.

I also looked at man postsuper, which has a requeue option (-r) but was unable to get that to do anything:

[dan@polo:~] $ sudo postsuper -r corrupt DC5671F0CE
postsuper: fatal: invalid directory name: DC5671F0CE
[dan@polo:~] $ sudo postsuper -r corrupt
[dan@polo:~] $ sudo postsuper -r corrupt ALL
postsuper: fatal: invalid directory name: ALL
[dan@polo:~] $ sudo postsuper -r corrupt
[dan@polo:~] $ mailq
Mail queue is empty


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