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 Kuser removes root account
Author: Rhyous 
Date:   04-12-03 02:39

Hey all,

I run FreeBSD 5.1 with KDE 3.1.4.

I was just playing around seeing what gui tools came with and I found Kuser.

That is a problem. Kuser is bad...they need to fix it.

This is what happened:

Kuser deleted the first three lines from my /etc/master.passwd file and my /etc/passwd file.

Next thing I know I can't su to root because root doesn't exist.

Guess what else Kuser did?

It set the timeout on my user accounts to December 31, 1969 (or some date in the 1960s).

So I couldn't login at all.

Well Here is how to fix it.

1. Reboot the computer in Single User Mode (option 4 on boot menu)
2. Once booted you will be promted for your shell, just hit enter.
NOTE: Now in single user mode you only have read access
3. Get write access by typing in the following com mands:
mount -u /
mount -a
NOTE: That should give you write access. You should be logged in as toor.
4. copy your /var/backups/master.passwd.bak file to /etc/master.passwd and yes overwrite the old one.
5. Now just run the following command:
pwd_mkdb -p /etc/master.passwd

That should fix your root account!


Jared Barneck

Key words: recover root account - add root account - create root account - fix root account - root login - no such user root

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 Re: Kuser removes root account
Author: Mike Crosland 
Date:   21-01-04 13:34

I just had the same thing happen to me (using 5.2 release), except it seems to have been partially fixed as it only wiped out the first line of my passwd file, ie "root"! Thanks for the fix btw :)


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 Re: Kuser removes root account
Author: rastavideo 
Date:   25-07-04 17:12

thanks for the suggestion. same thing happened to me and this is the good fix.

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