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 Re: Setting up Free Web Host ing service
Author: Shaun McNamer 
Date:   17-08-03 04:19

I've done a setup with FTP where, as described before every user is chrooted to their home directory, and then I setup aliases with Apache to reference their files. Works great.

I've also noticed that when you make the aliases you should be sure to include a blank directory in the default Apache directory of the same name, that way people will be able to get to it with an incomplete URL (missing the last slash) like won't work unless you have an empty whatever directory. The people would simply get a 404. At least that's how things have been for me.

mike wrote:
> You should chroot your users. For example if you are
> using the default ftpd you can add a group in the
> /etc/ftpchroot file like this
> @wwwuser
> And if you add a hostingaccount add him to the wwwuser and he
> will be chrooted. It is also possible to add every new user.
> But managing a group is easier then a lot of users.

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