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 Going from bind8 to bind9
Date:   27-01-03 14:50

Well this is what I did to upgrade:
Installed bind9 from the ports.

Then created 'mkdir /var/run/bind'
This si done due to the bind user should have write permission to create the file, but by default the /var/run dir is mode 755 root:wheel. Well the easy solution is to just chmod 777 /var/run , but then again nah, that might bring the local users into "mens rea".
Well the bind user doesn't have write permission yet .. so that is why this is done
'chown bind:bind /var/run/bind'

Well now I only needed to get bind to put/remove the file in the /var/run/bind dir instead of the /var/run dir
That is done by adding this line to the named.conf file:

options {
... ....
pid-file "/var/run/bind";
..... .....

then to modify my /etc/rc.conf
Well the most changes I did was to remove the -g bind and and the -c /etc/namedb/named.conf in the flags, then add 'local' in the program line, after all modifications every for named looked like this:

named_enable="YES" # Run named, the DNS server (or NO).
named_program="/usr/local/sbin/named" # path to named, if you want a different one.
named_flags="-c /etc/namedb/named.conf -u bind" # Flags for named

Well I didn't edit the /etc/make.conf due to I hope that bind9 will enter the FreeBSD base.
But I would presume that echo "NO_BIND=YES" >> /etc/make.conf would stop make world from making it.

Well there is one more thing to check before trying ot run the new version .. check the ownership of he zone files and db files .. then
kill `cat /var/run/` && /usr/local/sbin/named -c /etc/namedb/named.conf -u bind

Best regards Xride

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Søren Straarup 27-01-03 14:50 
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Søren Straarup 12-02-03 10:58 

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