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 Re: About this forum
Author: Gerald Stoller 
Date:   21-01-03 01:59

What is "ready-to-go format"?
Do you have any suggested reviewers (if so, please send me their email addresses), and how many need to review an article for it to be accepted?
The article describes the (work [HP-UX]) environment that caused me to create the scripts that I want to submit, and it ties them together. I then created the scripts on my home [FreeBSD] environment, trying to use techniques that work the same in both environments, and brought them to work where I did manage to use them. I still use them at home, but I am also unemployed currently. I live in Spring Valley, NY (in Rockland county), if you know of any job opportunities in my area (which includes NYC and northern NJ), I'd appreciate hearing about them (I can email you a copy of my resume). Briefly, my expertise is in Korn shell scripts, awk & perl programming, sybase sql scripts (which I generally embedded in Korn shell scripts), and C/C++ programming.

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