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 re dhcp
Author: mark rowlands 
Date:   31-03-03 17:00

I use the following in dhcpd.conf and it seems to work ok :-
pcmob dual boots win2k and freebsd and gets the same address.

My kids win98 box always gets the right address as well.

My dns also has corresponding entries.
host pcmob {
default-lease-time 86400;
hardware ethernet 00:01:03:fb:92:b5;

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 Re: re dhcp
Author: Dan Langille 
Date:   01-04-03 03:19

As I said before, I can't rely on the ethernet address because the NICs are shared around:

"We have four NICs here for two laptops. Any one of the four can wind up in either of the laptops. That's why I can't use MAC address for this."


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 Re: re dhcp
Author: Thomas 
Date:   11-06-03 10:44

If you need the stablitity of a static ip on your local network how about DynDNS or something similar then just specifing a name when you need to connect.

I really can't remember, but is it even possible outside of the windows version of apache to specify a domain name for win98.

One thought, is that "sek" is the netbios name of the win98 machine. that would probably explain the lack of static ip. netbios is independent of the ip scheme. We had a case on campus at the end of spring break where the DHCP server was down and the only network services available were the non-ip windows file shares.

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 Re: re dhcp
Author: CodePhreaker 
Date:   31-07-03 16:10

thats because windows has its own dhcpserver independent - dhcp like mechanism to allocate an ip address in case the dhcp is down!
windows (above 95) will try a specific range of ips to ensure its address is unique. (sth like 169.....)

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