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 Why a commercial WAP?
Author: Jim Trigg 
Date:   31-03-03 21:07

Is there some reason to prefer a commercial WAP over a low-end FreeBSD box running as a gateway? (I am considering going that direction and wonder why you chose not to.)

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 Re: Why a commercial WAP?
Author: Dan Langille 
Date:   01-04-03 03:18

Because I could.

As I said before, I had done the FreeBSD box running as a gateway.

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 Re: Why a commercial WAP?
Author: Cymen Vig 
Date:   01-04-03 05:16

Plus with Orinoco<->Orinono card you get no performance stats. Maybe that is just poor setup on my part but with the access point you get nice stats (connection strength).

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 Re: Why a commercial WAP?
Author: Dan Langille 
Date:   02-04-03 12:54

And I just thought of something else:

- To do that, I'd need to buy another wireless nic. That's about half the price of the WAP.

- Would I be able to filter by MAC Address? I looked into it, but didn't get far.

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 Re: Why a commercial WAP?
Author: DaFlip 
Date:   18-04-03 12:45

I run a wifi card in my freebsd box to get it acting pretty much like a WAP - providing internet & LAN access. I basically have my wireless network on a different ip block and subnet and have to VPN into my freebsd box via wifi before i get access to anything (vpn is done using mpd on freebsd) - all secure even if sniffed and works like a dream :) As regards signal strength WAP's generally have a larger antenna (either internal or external like your linksys one) which *would* give them extra range but since my target area is only my house and a little outside in the garden there's requirement on my behalf to have a signal stronger than what my little pcmcia card provides.

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 Re: Why a commercial WAP?
Author: Thomas 
Date:   11-06-03 10:14

For those interested here appears to be a good article on IPSEC over wifi. haven't had a chance to try it but I plan on testing it this summer. the one WAP i have supports IPSEC pass through. If a given WAP supports a VPN pass through that would allow for stronger protection than the weak wep.

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