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 Home Depot
Author: Gerard Samuel 
Date:   01-04-03 06:11

Here in New Jersey, USA, I got my cat 5 cable, cripper, and connectors from my local Home Depot.
This was over a year ago when I got this stuff, and back then they also sold faceplates, etc. So they should have everything one would need, no matter the location...

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 Re: Home Depot
Author: Gord Broom 
Date:   25-04-03 03:06

Home Depot in Victoria also has a decent selection of CAT-5 equipment.

As for testers, I rigged myself up a "loopback" cable, which has a male RJ45 on one end, and soldered pigtails for each pair at the other. I plug this into my patch panel, and then when punching down the outlet in the various rooms I use my handy-dandy multimeter to check connectivity. I have to check all combinations of pins, but that doesn't take too long. It also doesn't verify polarity, but the jacks are pretty self-explanatory, so it's hard to punch them down incorrectly. Given that I already had a multimeter, this tester was essentially free.

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