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Article Feedback - Setting up a printer
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 Printing to Windows printer
Author: Ed 
Date:   19-07-02 03:38

apsfilter is great for printing TO Windows printers as well. This article doesn't talk about it but it is so easy when you run /usr/local/share/apsfilter/SETUP after installing it from the port.

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 Re: Printing to Windows printer
Author: Brian K. White 
Date:   03-04-03 02:38

I followed the article to the letter and still cannot get anything to come out of my printer.

Printer works fine for plain lpr commands and other apps like galeon.

Samba works fine in that from a windows2000 machine I can browse/read/write files on freebsd.

the printer shows up in network neighborhood.

I "connect" to the printer share and install the driver without error (HP LaserJet 5L, which is what the printer actually is)

I don't get any connection or permissions errors trying to print a test page, and the print job dissappears from windows immediately.

but the printer doesn't actually do anything. not even any data light activity.

a valid PJL/PCL file does appear in the defined spool directory for a split second. (I captured one by starting a "while true ;do cp * /tmp ;done" before hitting the print test page button.

catting the captured temp file to /dev/lpt0 _does_ work.

freebsd 4.7-stable
samba 3.0alpha20

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