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Author: Chris 
Date:   15-09-01 06:40

Has anyone gotton the netsaint.cmd file for external commands working [FreeBSD 4.3_REL]?

I follow the directions to the T, but when Apache [as nobody] creates the netsaint.cmd, the sticky bit for the group gets ignored, thus the file's group can't do squat and NetSaint never processes it.

I sifted through the newgroups, but found little if nothing on it..


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 Re: netsaint.cmd
Author: Dan Langille 
Date:   15-09-01 23:32

Have you tried the <A HREF="">netsaint users list</A>? If you find the answer, please let it know.

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 Re: netsaint.cmd
Author: David J. Mark 
Date:   19-09-01 00:14

chmod 666 /usr/local/var/netsaint/rw/netsaint.cmd after the netsaint program is running... rm the file if netsaint dies without reason. rm'ng the file cleans up the last crash, and the chmod will allow the web server (user nobody) to write to the cmd file.


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 Re: netsaint.cmd
Author: Steve Neuharth 
Date:   28-09-02 06:49

I'm having the same problem too. I can make the cgi's work onthe command line but only if the command file is prwxrwxrwx. It never works when I try to do anything like disabling a test or functions that involve the nagios.cmd file...

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 Re: netsaint.cmd
Author: Steve Neuharth 
Date:   28-09-02 06:50

I meant that it never works when run as a cgi through the web server.

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