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Article Feedback - NetSaint - a network monitor
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 Comparision of BB and NetSaint
Author: Johan Ihren 
Date:   13-09-01 11:16

Since you wrte about Big Brother previsously it seems natural
to make some sort of comparision of relative strengths and

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 Re: Comparision of BB and NetSaint
Author: RevDigger 
Date:   14-09-01 10:17

I'll field this one.

I've been running BB for a couple years now and it's been pretty decent. The overall impression that one gets from BB is that it is a giant hack. It's all shell scripts and convoluted pipes and greps and stuff. I'm sure the author was an over worked sysadmin who needed to take a day off, so he cobbled together a bunch of hacks, and it worked, so he let his friends use it too.

Netsaint, however, gives one the impression that it was actually designed. Things are well organized, funtions are in plugins, etc. I have found Netsaint allows me a lot finer control over it behaviour, but then it also required a lot more work to get going properly. Netsaint seems to do fewer weird things.

By the way, I have the original PSDs of the BSD-Style graphics, if anyone want to play with them...

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 Re: Comparision of BB and NetSaint
Author: Dan Langille 
Date:   14-09-01 21:15

RevDigger is the person to thank for the graphics displayed in <A HREF="/netsaint.php">the article</A>.

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