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 /etc/exports format
Author: Mike Erickson 
Date:   15-01-03 21:44

You say that all exports from a single fs must be exported on one line, man 5 exports says the following:

Each line in the file (other than comment lines that begin with a #)specifies the mount point(s) and export flags within one local server filesystem for one or more hosts. A host may be specified only once for each local filesystem on the server and there may be only one default entry for each server filesystem that applies to all other hosts. The latter exports the filesystem to the ``world'' and should be used only when the filesystem contains public information.

I see this as allowing multiple exports on a filesystem on one line, but not requiring that all exports for a given file system must be on a single line. I have NFS exports from a single filesystem on multiple lines and it appears to work fine so far.

Furthermore, if this were indeed a requirement, it'd be impossible to have two mutually exclusive exports on a single filesystem. That is, to export /usr/ports to host A and /usr/share to host B where /usr/ is a single filesystem.

Corrections welcome,


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