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Article Feedback - Installing an IRC Proxy *
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 qpopper Maildir support is NOT qmail's Maildir/ format
Author: Chris Shenton 
Date:   24-12-02 20:13

The article and patches for qpopper do not provide support for qmail-style ~/Maildir/ mailboxes. Instead, it only tells qpopper to look in a *file* named ~/Maildir for messages -- a flat file. Maildir format is a directory with subdirs tmp/, new/, and cur/ where single-message-per-file mail lives.

The MTA delivery for true Maildir support would specify "./Maildir/" instead of "./Maildir".

I've examined the sources, tried the patch anyway, and verified this does not do true Maildir. Bummer. I really need this for an existing system I can't gut and replace wholesale; I would really like to use qpopper since that's what my client has.

I see reference for Maildir patches for qpopper but haven't found any real ones yet.

Only option I can see is to use DJB's qmail-pop3d suite, with a shim for the APOP support we need, then hack our custom scripts to parse the new daemon's log files to do what we need.

If I'm wrong or folks know an alternative, I'd love to hear about them. Thanks.

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